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  1. Thanks B for posting that here and sharing your thoughts with everyone. its not often that i have though of depression they way you have. I feel less stressed about it after reading what you have said. I'd also read somewhere that winston churchill also suffered from depression. To find out that even with his personal challenges he could still lead a nation as a politician like he did, made people believe in him and his strength, in a time that he lived was so inspiring to me. It made me feel as though it is still possible to do tremendous things while dealing with depression. It made me feel empowered and I wanted to share it with you all. I feel all of us have that strength, and i know i have questioned it instead of taking care of myself when times are bad, but i feel now it is no grounds for self doubt. I am new here. I thank you all for your wonderful posts, reading them has been a joy. I wish wonderful days ahead for all. I'll do my best to be part of this community and will help where I can because all of you have and know will have helped me more that I can every repay.
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