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  1. I can tell you from my experience with Zoloft that I had a similar problem. Went from 50 mg and that did nothing for me, I felt pretty bad then I went up to 75mg, then 100. I did notice a bit more of a change as I increased my dose (gradually, following doctor's instructions of course). Now I'm on 150mg and I think it's the right dose for me. Everyone reacts differently and you may need to increase your dose so hang in there and stay in contact with your doctor!
  2. When I lost my hearing a big chunk of me was gone (my love for music, which generally was my form of therapy) I go to therapy but it's all talk. So as I was adjusting with my medications, dealing with anxiety, PTSD and depression I just felt like I had no release. Well a friend of mine suggested come over and oil paint (I have 3 cats I can't really do that here). So I went over and started painting and just felt at peace. I've always been creative but haven't played with my artsy side in years and glad I did.
  3. I can say that I had the same problem when I first started taking Zoloft. Definitely go back to your doctor and discuss the options to increase your dose. I went from 25mg, to 50.... felt nothing. then 75 to 100mg I started feeling better emotionally. Right now I'm at 150mg and so far it seems to be doing good for it's perpose. In my situation I have other factors working against me in feeling so tired. I have a thyroid disease and sleep apnea, both to which makes being tired even more complicated lol. If you suspect you have sleep apnea, I strongly suggest you see your doctor to find out for sure.
  4. I have PTSD, Depression and anxiety and currently taking Zoloft for the depression. My depression seems to be under control now but I'm struggling with my anxiety. I realize the only way to really overcome anxiety is to face them, but I'm still having a hard time every time I try. Any advice helps.
  5. That's exactly what I had to do Shayne, I'm still taking 100mg and I feel a LOT better than I did at 50mg. Just a warning though, you may have bathroom issues for about a week into it but other than that I felt more at ease. I still struggle with depression and anxiety but the depression is no where near as intense as it was.
  6. Telling me not to zone out to its ok to zone out in certain situations... a bit confusing for me lol
  7. I have quite a few fears.... social phobia, claustrophobia (small spaces), driving phobia, apiphobia (fear of bees) agoraphobia (fear of crowds), Agraphobia (fear of sexual abuse), autophobia (fear of being alone... to an extent for me), Catoptrophobia (fear of mirrors... usually only at night I can't look at them creeps me out, no clue why), Dentophobia (fear of dentist), clowns, and heights.
  8. Hey there Inbetween! I do agree that the choice is yours it takes I believe 8-12 weeks before you see the Zoloft take full effect. I felt worse at first but I toughed it out with the side effects and went from 25mg to 100mg (gradually under doctor's supervision) and felt a lot better. It takes time to build in your system. Talk with your doctor who prescribed it to you and talk about your options. If you can hang in there then I'd say wait a little longer, but either way talk with your doctor before making any decisions.
  9. I'm just relieved that I don't have to play the pill roulette to see which works for me. In the past I tried Prozac and that was just a big NO for me lol. I came off just cold-hearted and emotionless.
  10. Shayne I think that will greatly help you, once I increased my dose I noticed a difference.
  11. Thanks everyone! I started with 25mg then gradually worked my way up to 100mg. So far so good I think :) I just feel kinda peaceful. Definitely agree with Shayne, give it the 8-12 weeks tops for a full effect. I remember feeling way worse than I originally did, but then one day I just felt ok. I remember my side effect was being sluggish, tired, racing thoughts (but nothing bad towards myself), lack of appetite, diarrhea (for about a week), but then once I went up the dose I decided to take the Zoloft in the morning because it kept me up at night.
  12. I've been on Zoloft since late January and I gotta say wow, once you get past the horrible side effects I actually feel ok :) Not 100% yet but I feel ok.
  13. Hey Gizmo don't be scared! It's gonna be ok :) It's good that your doctor is slowly increasing your dosage and not all in one bang. The side effects do suck BUT they do go away after time. In the beginning the side effects felt intense and I felt like I was worse than I was before the pills but I toughed it out and made it through. It takes awhile to build in your system but its so worth it. I still have my sad days here and there but its not as intense. I think my anxiety is finally starting to calm down a little also.
  14. Thanks for the awesome replies :) I'm trying it gets discouraging though. I'm currently seeing a therapist, which is helpful and still in a beginning stage of things. I just want to be happy :( I try so hard to go out and be social and I fall back every time feeling insecure and not able to blend into the conversations.
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