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  1. Hello all my good friends, it has been a while. I do hope and pray that everyone is doing well, or the best you can. As most of you know, I have been dealing with extreme health issues that just, for some reason, keeps getting worse. I had another esophagogastroduodenoscopy, damn that was a mouth full, it is just a scope down my throat to my stomach. The ulcer is somewhat better, but they still may have to do surgery.But what has got me really p***** off is a whole different issue I have encountered. I got these very large lumps under my armpits on both sides. It turns out that they are Sebaseous Cysts filled with Staph, if I spelled that right. As if I was not already high enough maintenance with eating right and stuff, but now I have to keep the cysts clean throughout the day, take more antibiotics, take "bleach" baths, put on antibiotic creme and keep the areas gauzed, ain't that some .
    Well that's me, yall know how I hate to complain about my own problems, though I have done a lot for a couple months, and yes THANKS for the prayers. How is everybody else doing today? I plan to get on here more often, if possible, if just to let yall know I'm still alive...lol...I have to go get some things but i will get back on later and read my messages and stuff...
             ...Be Good to Yourselves...Quentin...


    1. Kellyb79


      I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with so much. Thank you for the update though, and please keep them coming for us, as we all worry about each other. We're here for you, and I'll be paying for you too. 

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