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  1. Hello all my wonderful and supportive frinds, I truly do hope and prat that you all are well or at least doing the best that you can. First, please let me say, this forum and all the people in it, are/is the best group of folks that I have had the honor of being a part of, I consider this to be a "real", safe and very supportive place to talk about our problems. You will never catch me saying that about any other community that I am in online. I have been helped through some really hard times by people on here and I am not planning on going anywhere. I just have got to slow down a bit with all the things I have put on myself, on the internet. So I may go days without a word, but please know that I am fine and don't worry. ALSO to my good friend Jalen, keep your chin up and just do the best that you can. I will get with you maybe Saturday...Thanks Everyone...your friend alwauys, Quentin...

    PS: I still, for some reason, can't get on the forum through Google???

    1. Natasha1


      ohhhh is it google that's doing it? I'm having a hard time too, need to use an old link and enter it manually to the login screen. I'll have to look at that in more detail later.

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