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  1. To create a what we want the world to offer is pretty far stretch for most depressed people.Meaningless
  2. Should of killed myself when young
  3. I tried therapy three times six months was the longest with the meds and the s***ty life I have I say it didn't help maybe I don't want to get better who knows but I know death is looming
  4. I haven't talked to my doctor about upping it. Kinda of scared of in my mind being on this high doses.its a I hated being on meds as is. I guess I'm looking for that magic pill or combo that will fix the thought depression boost confidence etc etc. sadly I'm guessing it don't exist :( . I try hard not to look in to the future or past but it tends to sneak up on me.
  5. Hey freckledface I want to say I have been on this combo since June have been on the gen welbutrin longer. I have some energy but I can't tell if it's me or the meds. I just really don't know what I should feel I'm still depressed not as much but it's there I also still think about suicide a lot. Not sure if I'm waiting to feel something or am I grabbing at nothing. I'm tired of trying and looking at the big picture do I want to battle depression for years on end or do i delete
  6. Anyone on 3 150 mg tablet bupropion and citalopram 1 1/2 20 mg tablet a day?
  7. Everyone says it gets better well I think when we're dead it does

  8. Why don't I well time no confidence afraid of ceartin people knowing my faults. I could go on all day
  9. Thanks Jules but nothing I can find near me if anyone in Michigan point mien the right direction
  10. Oh I am so jealous that's why I think I no longer have friends I don't feel worthy of them and how perfect there lifes are, there money jobs etc etc. Facebook makes me sick all the people's happy posts not sure why I just don't get rid of it an addiction I guess.
  11. I would like to find someone or people in my area to talk to and can relate to depression other than a therapist. I have looked and nothing
  12. Im on both I see it's working for some things such as concentration been good. My question is does anyone on both and have the loop of depressed thoughts still think about sucide as much I have been on them over a year just not sure what I should feel anymore
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