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  1. Iv been on Prozac for almost a month now. Started out on 20mg as a add on to my other meds for depression. Prozac has been great for me so far. I was pretty down for awhile and started considering suicide. For the sake of my husband & son I went to the doctor and was stated on Prozac. The only side effects I've had so far are dry mouth, yawning a lot & decreased appetite. I wouldn't think stress would make side effects worse for you. Good luck, hope the Prozac helps.
  2. Thanks for the info enickols, I can't wait for my regular doctor to get back from maternity leave so I can ask her what she thinks. The nurse practitioner had also mentioned that 450mg is usually prescribed by a Psychiatrist. Again, I'll be asking my doctor when she gets back. The Prozac seems to be helping some so I will see where this takes me for now. Thanks
  3. Update: My normal doc is out having a baby so I saw the Nurse Practitioner there instead. I asked about increasing my Wellbutrin from 300mg to 450mg but she said the 450mg is more for ADHD, not depression. So she started me on 20mg of Prozac. Hopefully it helps. I go back in a month for a follow up. Has anyone heard of the 450mg dose being more for ADHD, and not depression? Thanks
  4. Im currently on 300XL Wellbutrin & 20mg AdderallXR. Iv been taking this for awhile now. For the past several months my mood/depression has only gotten worse. Wellbutrin has been a wonder drug for me, Im just so depressed now it doesn't seem to cut it anymore. I'm barely functioning, my social anxiety is threw the roof, I couldn't tell you what I did last week even if you asked me b/c I don't remember. December is my favorite time of the year b/c of Christmas, but even that isn't lifting my mood. I distance myself from people as much as possible now, even family. Lately I have my nose stuck in a book trying to live threw the stories I read, pathetic I know. So I made an appointment to see my doctor this Wednesday to see what can be done. I want to have my Wellbutrin increased to 450mg in hopes that it would help me. It doesn't seem like to many people are on that dose, not sure why. If the Wellbutrin isn't increased, then Im going to ask if she can add a new med to help. Would increasing my dose be better or adding another med? I was on Effexor for several years, which worked great for me until it crapped out on me. Any advise would be great, thanks.
  5. Married for 6 years, but together for 16. Yup...he made me wait almost 10yrs before marrying me, but we were only 15 & 16 when we met so.... My marriage is the main cause of my depression. I love him dearly but he's very abusive emotionally & never forgets to remind me how stupid & worthless I am. But I'm the one on medication so I'm probably more than likely the one causing my own problems. :verysad3: I couldn't imagine my life without him so leaving is not an option for me.
  6. I'v been diagnosed with major depression, anxiety, ADHD and recently my doctor has mentioned bipolar. I don't think I'm bipolor, I believe I have a mood disorder. My mood is a constant up & down & varies from day to day. My doctor started me on Lithium, but the fear of gaining weight on it really deterred me from taking it. I did try it for a few days, but noticed it caused my wrist & ankles to swell/retain water so I quit taking it. She mentioned starting me on Seroquel, but I'v heard horror stories on how bad the weight gain is on that one so I told her no. She pretty much told me all mood stabalizers cause weight gain and left it at that. Im currently on Wellbutrin 300XL & Adderall 20XR daily. My depression improved alot & I am able to fuction fairly well. I'v been having alot of lows lately & zone out alot, so I really think I need to see my doctor again soon. My moods are still horrible but that's my fault for my unwillingness to go on a mood stabalizer. I would love to try Topamax, I hear it can be prescribed for bipolor or to help moods, plus it's not suppose to make you gain weight. I was on EffexorXR for over 4yrs, worked great until in finally pooped out on me. Coming off of it was hell!!
  7. Yes, it resoved itself once I got off the Effexor XR. Now just on Wellbutrin 300XL & 10mg AdderallXR and not having anymore issues.
  8. Wow, I can relate to most of ya'll. I have issues with binge eating to. Last year I started eating healthy & exercising to lose weight. I lost ALOT too. But for the past few months I have been having major problems with binge eating. I restrict my food intake during the week, but come the weekend I just can't stop eating. During the week I workout at a gym during my lunch hour. And now since the warmer weather is here I'v been running 2-2.5 miles in the afternoon when I get off work. But even with working out I have started to pack on the pounds. Im constantly obsessing over food & my body image. It's like I live for cheat meals!! I feel & look so bloated lately from all the food Iv been eating. My weight has flucuated so bad lately. I was on Effexor for my depression but it stopped working so my dr. put me on Wellbutrin & took me off the Effexor. My binge eating got worse as I weaned off the Effexor. Iv asked my doctor to give me something to help with my binge eating but she isen't concerned because my weight is within normal range and borderline underweight. She told me to just keep up with my exercising & start making healthier choices. Im going to call and make another appointment and ask her to please reconcider, if not then I will have to request another doctor cause something has to change!! I hate obsessing about food, Im living to eat, not eating to live. The thought of cutting has crossed my mind several times the past few weeks but Im afraid my husband will find them. I use to cut when I was younger, but I didn't bother hiding it from him at the time cause I didn't care. I hate myself for this!!
  9. Update: Effexor XR 37.5mg did not help with my moods, even though 37.5 is a lose dose I had to go threw withdraw symptoms AGAIN!! Doctor switched me from Wellbutrin 150mg SRx2 to 300XL, she thinks I will have better luck with it. Needless to say I left that doctor & had my records transferred to another clinic. Saw a new doctor yesterday about maybe starting something to help with my moods/anger issues. Mentioned to her that I didn't want anything that was going to cause weight gain. She pretty much told me that thay all cause weight gain or effect your metabolism in some way or another. She wants me to give the Wellbutrin 300mg XL more time. I wanted to slap the **tch!! Here Im thinking a younger female doctor would understand weight concerns, boy was I wrong!! Iv heard Lamictal, Prozac or Topamax are both good at helping with moods or eating disorders. she's a doctor, shouldn't she know this!! I wanted to mention these medications but I chickened out. This really sucks!!
  10. I picked combination of above. I haven't been diagnosed with an ED but I haven't mentioned my disordered eating issues to my doctor. Im sure she has some idea though cause I always stress not putting me on medication that causes weight gain. Lost alot of weight last year the heathy way with diet & exercise, but now Im always stressed about gaining it back. Not overweight anymore, some would say Im anorexic but I don't think I am. I can't stop thinking about food, weigh myself constantly, look in the mirror several times a day and criticize myself about how fat I look. Exercise everyday during my lunch hour, restrict my food intake during the week but come the weekend I tend to binge eat like I can't stop myself. Then the cycle starts all over again come Monday...stress about binge over weekend, exercise & restrict, weigh..weigh..weigh, criticize myself..stress..stress..stress. Im on medication for depression, anxiety, OCD & ADHD. I have major anger/mood issues but all the medications that help with that all cause weight gain so I'm dealing with that as well since I refuse to take them. Thinking I might need something to help me with my weekend binge problems. I have only purged a few times.
  11. Yes, Wellbutrin caused major anger issues for me. My doctor added Effexor back in the mix to help while taking the Wellbutrin. It has helped but I still have some anger issues. Trying to work through it since the Wellbutrin really helps with my depression. Good luck & hopefully the doctor can help.
  12. Thought I would give an update to my original post. Still currently on Wellbutrin 150mg SR x2 daily, love Wellbutrin and has done wonders for my depression. I weaned myself off Effexor XR finally, BRUTAL!! Doctor started me on 10mg Adderall XR to help with my "zoning out" and 300mg of Lithium for my moods. Ended up getting off the Lithium b/c it was making my wrist swell by the end of the day. Also didn't like the fact that it causes weight gain. So yesterday my doctor put me back on Effexor XR but only 37.5mg to hopefully help with my mood. We couldn't agree on a Mood Stabalizer since they all pretty much cause weight gain, so putting me back on Effexor was the solution. Hopefully it will help. Also broke down and finally told my husband about being on medication. He didn't seem to mind, just wants me to be happy.
  13. I'v been miserable all day today at work. I seriously want to strangle my co-worker b/c she's a lazy piece of and won't answer the F***ing phones like she should be. Im just going to take off tomorrow and walk in to see my doctor, there is no way I can make it till next Monday. Getting a break from my co-worker will do me good. See how she likes answering the phones all day!!
  14. Sleeping is not an issue with me. The Wellbutrin actually makes me alittle sleepy which is weird cause it is suppose to give you energy. I'v heard that Paxil is the worst at making you gain weight as well. Only issues I have a night are the bizzare dreams/nightmares I have while asleep. I gained weight on Effexor but it was because I was hitting the liquor too much at night. Since giving that up I lost over 65 pounds and I don't want to gain it back. Im thin as well, 5'5 & 105 pounds and I want to keep it that way. I still see a fat person in the mirror though & obsess about my weight because of it. Thanks for the suggested new medications, I will have to research those. The instant release Wellbutrin worked great for me but was VERY SHORT lived. So the doctor started me on 150mg SR instead.
  15. My doctor decided to start me on Wellbutrin since the 250mg dose of Effexor wasen't cutting it anymore. So now Im on 150mg Wellbutrin SR 2x daily. Doctor told me to start weaning off of Effexor. My mental status had been getting worse as lower my dose of Effexor. I see now that it was helping me alot but not as much as I need and Im in serious need of another med to help. I called the doctor but I couldn't get in till next Monday. Im all kinds of messed up now. I have major anger/mood issues, Im having a hard time focusing at my job b/c my mind is racing. I have a desk job thank god so I can hide away in my office. Can't seem to get my mind straight at home either, I start on thing just to leave and start doing something else. It's like I zone out or something, my husband is starting to think Im deaf cause I can't focus on a conversation or I forget talking about something or ask him to repeat what he said. He doesn't know Im taking medication or having problems with depression. I'v been hiding it from him in fear that he might use it against me one day. So when he's mean or says mean things to me it's hard not to run away crying or bite his head off. Iv been diagnosed with depression by my doctor but I think there might be more to it than that. Im thinking I might need some kind of mood stabilizer to help but Iv read that they cause weight gain. I have severe body dysmorphia...undiagnosed of course since I can't seem to tell my doctor about these issues. Since getting off the Effexor it has only gotten worse & im constantly obsessing about my weight now. Before starting the 150mg SR dose my doctor started me on 75mg instant release Wellbutrin to see if it would help me. I still have alot of those 75mg pills left. Im thinking about taking two of those at night time to help until I can get in next Monday. Do ya'll think that help until then? Any suggestions on a good med to add along with Wellbutrin? Thanks
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