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    Today my mood is on a scale of one to 10 about 7 which is doing well for me. My house/apartment is a mess and I do have a busy day a head of me. I will work today .I am a working artist/painter and try and tidy up the house after work and have my shower. I must take time for my spirit/religious practice which involves meditating for 30 minuets morning and evening.
    My spirituality and my meditation practice is essential to my recovery. I am in recovery from Si as well as depression and i need every help i can get.Meditation for me is the biggest gift anyone ever gave me. I have practiced on and off for 20 years . I find when im on my meditation schedule i am so much better off than when i neglect my practice. This time i have been meditating for about 6 months and really feel the benefits of it even its its obly a few minuets of utter peace. That is ultra nourishment. I was trained in TM by a master who I still acknowledge as my spirit master.
    Yeah today is a working day.I have multipal tasks in front of me and i must prepair .So my first blog.
    I thought if i started to blog it would help me keep track especially when i fall into depression deeply because in that state i tend to loose all track and perspective that there is anything else outside the depression. perspective is essential for me as i can have a kind of mental tunnel vision . So its starting to get light and i must finish this bowl of oatmeal and meditate and get to work. I must also remember to be kind to myself today as i am still sensitive from a SI relapse some 3 days ago. I am reminded by my psych doctor and friends on my Si support board .That after 3 years in Si recovery i managed to get round 80 days clear of Si which is an acheivment for me .One i must acknowledge.
    So on with my day.
    I have also not seen any people for some days and i must get out for a while also and do some socil interconnection. So GO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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