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  1. Sorry you’re going through this. I would encourage you to consider reading the book brain lock by Jeffrey Schwartz it’s about obsessive thinking and ocd. Very insightful. It really helped me to learn how to redirect my thoughts when I’m ruminating .
  2. Cantaloupe and coconut milk smoothie
  3. I am really sorry to hear you’re going theough this. Is it possible to take some time off work so you can dedicate a little time to trying out some anxiety relief things? When i first started having anxiety it was as you described but I spent a lot of time reading some self help books on the subject and did a lot of cbt type worksheets. It can feel a little silly but it honestly can improve anxiety a lot and especially if you are just not in the right time or can’t afford counselling it can be a good starting point that you can work on in privacy of your home with some books checked out of the bibliotheque. There’s also a lot of free cbt resources and worksheets for free online. One of the most helpful is a page I have a copy of about a few different types of thinking such as black and white thinking, catastrophizing thinking etc. Reading and learning about thinning styles really made me more conscious about it and more self aware when I was beginning to get worked up. Your anxietg sounds very physical, deep breathing can really stop it in its track. There’s a free app called calm and it has a little breathing bubble on it you can start it and then it basically tells you to breathe in, hold, breathe out, hold and you can just let it guide u as long as you need. Also guided deep breathing meditation on YouTube. Of course meds doc visit and counselling are essential as well.
  4. I took seroquel xr 150mg a day for three years. It was easily the most successful med I took out of everything I tried. It worked the best and had the least impactful side effects for me. It really helped my insomnia anxiety and to lesser extent depression. I strongly suspect I am bipolar2 but have never been diagnosed with that. Idk maybe that is why seroquel really worked for me when serotonin ssri meds never really helped me only made things worse However in taking seroquel (and Ativan 4xweek) for three years I gained 40lb and then my doctor retired early due to illness and I could not find a new doctor that would prescribe me Ativan. I decided to change my medication because the weight gain was really bothering me. Tapering off seroquel was a breeze compared to an ssri or snri even including I tapered off Ativan at the same time. The other side effect I noticed with seroquel is feeling fatigued throughout the day and needing at least bare minimum 8 but preferably 9-10 hours sleep a day. Which it helped me actually sleep.
  5. Poached eggs and rye toast. And some cantaloupe. Idk why but I always eat breakfast for dinner
  6. Has anyone done this? They give u a sedative pill an hour before your dental work. And then top up with laughing gas if you’re still anxious. My last few dental appointments have been horrible and I need more work done very soon due to the dentist not doing it right last time, probably because I was so terrified. Now I’m going i a new Dentist. But the sedation is not covered by my plan and it’s going to cost me $650 plus tax:( really cannot afford that but can’t see a way around it last dentist appointment I didn’t sleep for two days before and was absolutely shaking and flinching the entire appointment. I can’t do it again. I need the work done now because of severe tooth pain and I may be changing jobs soon and the new one has no benefits for six months . If you have experience about this please share I would really appreciate it.
  7. Delightfully crisp and fresh with a BLANKET O’SNOW. I love snow so I’m pretty excited .
  8. Korean take out at my brothers place. Black noodles, jap chae, bulgogi, chicken and glass noodles. All good. Some nasty grilled mackeral dish that I couldn’t eat and i normally like fish.
  9. Saw bladerunner yesterday. Very cool. I’m a huge Philip k d**k fan. As a person who has suffered depression I really felt the themes of isolation and numbness and pointlessness in the film. All that being said I kind of have a pet peeve of movies that are three hours long unnecessarily. I get they wanted it to be a deeper story and not a glitzy action movie but still, there was a lot of scenes that could have been wrapped up a few minutes earlier and cutting like thirty minutes out of the film would have made it better not worse. Amazing picture and cinematography tho.
  10. If u haven’t read the novel “do androids dream of electric sheep “ nor seen the first bladerunner I think there are parts that will be hard to wrap your head around. But u could read the Wikipedia articles of the book and first movie rather than read/watch them if U prefer.
  11. Butter chicken, lamb Rogan josh, naan bread. Why is curry so good ?????????
  12. There was a problem at work today and instead of just agreeing to it I was very frank about my concerns and gave my boss an earful about it. She ended up reversing the problem. It felt good.
  13. Sorry to hear of your situation. Have u tried treating your depression with the doctor, medsnand counselling ? As for job changes I have had 6 professional jobs in my field in 6 years and I am on the verge of landing the 7th. The feedback I always get at interviews is that I have a ton of varied experience and that is a good thing. It’s a new generation now and people don’t stay at the same job forever. It’s competitive in my field in the sense that workplaces have high turnover and finding good candidates and keeping them is a challenge. I get bored easily and I don’t see the point of staying at a job where I don’t like the boss or when I get ghe opportunity to make more money.
  14. Ack your post reminded me of university very much. It’s natural to worry about your grades everyone does it. But it sounds like you’re also ruminating About it. If u google rumination worksheets there are some simple worksheets/strategies to cut down on rumination. Remember , worrying will not improve your grades and the stress could actually make you get worse grades . Studying, attending class and taking good care of yourself including mental health will help with your grades the most!!!! Good luck ;)
  15. Option 3!! I’m so sick of organizations getting away with this garbage. They are not going to be able to prove it was u and this way you don’t have to worry about takin action at work. Tbh the media can do more than an employee anyway right?
  16. Sorry to hear of your situation! Have u thought about checking out some self help books at the library ? I find these really helpful. If u don’t have a library membership u could just lounge in the library for a bit. -listen to positive or uplifting energetic music -positive podcasts radio shows etc -watch comedy movies and stand up on Netflix etc -If u can get in the habit of an daily walk. -drink hot tea all the time -search for jobs for one hour per day make a list of jobs u want to apply for and when the application deadline is and then apply for at least one job per day -don’t worry about Xmas quite yet ! It’s still a while away and your whole situation could change! If it comes to Xmas and you can’t afford gifts think about the people u want to gift and think of one favour u could help them with and make a little coupon or card and say- “I will help you declutter your garage” or mow your lawn or something . Also could look on Pinterest for extremely low cost gift ideas. -find free activities. Programs at the library? Check with your town or city. Speeches or events at local universities or colleges? Maybe volunteer ? -try to reframe the situation as a temporary period in your life where you may not have money but u have the gift of time. Use it to take good care of yourself and try new hings you always wanted but didtny have time for -if you’re looking for a free or borrowed instrument put an ad on your community fb page or kijiji- there’s some good ppl out there could maybe help! Or maybe there’s something you could swap trade or barter services in exchange for an instrument hang in there things can improve :)
  17. Child family services/child protection services! I just hate them. Working for them ruined my life and now I have to communicate with them about certain clients and they are so damn awful. Robot lady worker today told me (about a family I’m trying to help) “oh them? It’s *just* poverty. There’s nothing I can do to help them”. Nice. And actually there is a solution to poverty.
  18. Feeling stressed with work and money and unsure about maybe taking on a new job again. But also hoping I get it because it's more $$$. Idk. I'm bored I'm lonely what am I doing with my life besides work ? What am I supposed to do?
  19. Hang in there. Things can improve. Try to get some rest and let this dark spell pass.
  20. It's not a race ! And that is still a good job!
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