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  1. Tired and lonely. Dumped again, by my "friend." She is toxic. I must not go back to her when she calls again, which she will.
  2. Sounds to me like you did the right thing, JD!!!! Sorry you feel you're sinking. Here's one of those orange rings they have on beaches for you to hand on to (). OK, so I'm not the master of emojis LOL! But hang on nonetheless. You approached it properly!!!
  3. Hugs, my friend!!! None of this is true, but it is how you feel. I get that!
  4. No, it's not easy, my friend, is it? But, we try. Your post is very wise. You are developing a good insight as to what you need, and what your limitations are. I really like the insight in this post!! Like you seem to be implying, I too need a certain amount of IRL connection with humans each day. It bothers me that I need it. I can't even understand it, as people mostly exhaust and/or bore me. And yet, I need them to pull me out of it. Odd thing, that! I think perhaps, at least for me, a designated visitor, someone to pop by for 30 minutes each day, sort of like the volunteers for seniors do, would be a Godsend. I may start up a non-profit - designated visitor site. Totally free. We come in, and sit with you for a brief visit. I know it would help me, and being the visitor dude would help me too. Hmm????
  5. My two cats are rubbing their chins and wets noses against my arm, and occasionally licking me (when they want to - you know, they are cats LOL), to say I'm their kin and that they accept and appreciate me. I'm not sure what could be better than that, especially when I know these two girls are rescues from under an overpass on HWY 401.
  6. An awful day. A young man at the store I work at is dead. Our managers broke the news and as soon as I heard it, I knew how it happened. I saw the pain he was in when I first met him. He was only 19. A sweet, sweet lad who adopted a very formal buttoned-down style as a defense, a defense to protect himself from others, due to what I believe (but I may be wrong) was his Asperger's. You could feel his loneliness. You could feel what a confounding puzzle it was for him to deal with people and feel any kind of connection. Poor soul. I am glad he is at least at peace. But I wish he knew how devastated we, at the store, were today, and I wish he had heard all the stories about him. The people there loved him. But, he probably wouldn't have believed it even if he had heard. Such is the disease. Problem is, sometimes you have to die for the love and those to surface. Too bad, that. So, since you're all still here, I love you all!!
  7. Been there. Got the T-shirt they placed over my bleeding whip welts! In my experience, there is now nothing you can do to appease an ingrate like your boss. He's likely an egotistical, small little man who hates himself, and picking on you is his one and only pleasure in life. Sorry to be so blunt, JD. But there it is. You do not deserve this! Brian
  8. That quote you included is exactly the solutions, DG. May we all get to a place we can really adhere to that wisdom!
  9. Nope. Simply not true. You are a survivor. You rock. I admire you!!!! You are a friend to us, here, and you are so much more than all that. I know you have periods of grace and then relapses. Just like me and most of us on this site. Please don't let your diseased mind convince you that the relapse times are the true you! The true you is that stable and functioning bellerose. Hugs, BR!
  10. Hi PB!!! I am the same as you, in this way. This is a bloody great epiphany for you!! Yes, your upbringing, and your genetic nature, like mine, brought us to a place of subservience. Everything is our fault. Sorry for this, extra sorry for that,... yadda yadda yadda. It is an understandable way of coping (the path of least resistance) for people like us who have had our parental experiences. Give in, apologize, there is no escape or happy ending otherwise. But, you're epiphany today is SOOOOOO huge! Wow!! I love it!!!! Your parents neglected you. I hope you can accept this fact, and, yet, at the same time forgive them as deeply flawed human beings. But today you learned the answer, or at least started to. The answer is that this is YOUR life. Not theirs or anyone else's. You have been programmed to be submissive (as I was). You can be assured, from what I know of you, that there does not exist in you an egomaniac prick who never apologizes for anything. I think that is what people like you and I fear becoming. Pro tip: we can't. We are empaths, and we care to much about others to ever be total pricks. So, with that in mind, and now knowing where your apologies comes from, try, like me, to be more assertive, in a polite way. Think a while, before you react. Even if the pause is uncomfortable. Really think about whether or not you need to apologize - then, don't, or do so, if you, having thought about it, feel you should!! That would be true power, a huge step forward, and most importantly love for yourself - love you deserve!
  11. Please don't worry about it, my friend. Nothingburger! Ever since I got off the weekday 9-5 train it's been the same for me. And, you've just had a holiday weekend to muck it all up even more. Fact is, the titles of the days don't mean as much when you're not M-F, 9-5.
  12. Good news. 🙂 And, boy, do you have a good care giver, to admit over-estimating. Keep with them. Honesty like that is so freakin' hard to find these days!!
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