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  1. Yeah, but many also say they are in a relationship, when many are single, yet they are getting abused and hating every living moment of it. No guilt, please, JD. I've been there. It is awful.
  2. @Camellia You don't owe anyone on that forum anything, except the truth you feel inside yourself. Love yourself first and foremost and don't play a role in that forum, or anywhere. Don't worry if they think your a … whatever. You weren't feeling supported there. It's that simple. Your feelings are what matters. That is on them, not you! You know what matters the most? @Camellia and her feelings and inner-peace. That's what. Big hugs!!!!!!!
  3. Yay! Always cheering for you Mark. You're such a wise and caring soul on here!! Now, I'm off to read more recent posts and then feel like crap for saying "yay" if things have swerved downward a little LOL!!!! But the thought still stands, my friend! And I hope you haven't swerved!
  4. It probably was bad when you were little, nojoy, but you just didn't have the ability to understand what it was all doing to you. But it was affecting you, no doubt. Big hugs!!!! I understand. I had a very dysfunctional family growing up - a critical, abusive father, and a mother who would cower and take his side on every occasion, no matter how unhinged he was. Plus, no affection or feeling of love. I still carry the pain, self-doubt and the shame of not being able to get over this at my advanced age of 54. I mean, at this rate, I'll never get over it, at least, until I'm sailing through the ultra-hot cremation machine. What happens to us when we are children has lasting effects. I get it. And I am sorry that happened to you!! As for your kids - you have drawn a line. You have stood up for yourself, and rightly so. You should be paid back. If she doesn't have the money, then she should just say so, but to brand you with the slight term "drama" is her issue - it does not reflect on you! Good on you for asking for it. I hope you feel better!!!!
  5. You took the words right out of my fingers, Tilted. I hope you feel better!!!
  6. It was the right one, 'cause it came from his loving mom!!!
  7. Yeah, and I always remember a toss away line in Henry Miller's great novel, "Tropic of Cancer" where (he's talking about New York but Toronto and many other cities fit this well too) he says that he lives in the horribly misnamed "temperate zone". Definition of temperate: relating to or denoting a region or climate characterized by mild temperatures. Henry was soooo right. I mean, what is mild about swinging from -40 to 104 F? 🙂 Our area should be called the bi-polar extreme zone, or something. I'm rambling. Hugs all!!!!!
  8. Just saying, you two, 80 would be nice up here!! 🙂 That was flippant. I do understand that the heat of summer in the south is something like the cold of winter here - unbearable and confining (in your case, in the AC, in ours, cuddling around the fire or the furnace). But, damn, watching The Masters this week I am always reminded of how late Spring springs in this northern neck of the woods! Birds chirping is nice. They are starting here - I saw my first Robin about a week ago - but we're still a month or more away from leaves on the trees. I don't think any climate is perfect.
  9. Me too, vinyl, though not on the day it was released. My ex wife tossed my albums and my treasured books, but, I think the cover was mostly white? Ah, who knows? I could Google it, but that's my memory LOL. Be kind to yourself, LH!!! Please!
  10. I gave you a sad for the post, LH sorry you're feeling down - but I have to give you a hug and a laurel for the Men at Work reference!!! Have a vegemite sandwich on me!!
  11. Please PM me, WOTL, M. Or not. It's all OK. But I care for you, and I get it. I know what it feels like to feel so alone. Hugs.
  12. I was so depressed today that I booted up the old YOUTUBE machine and called up the "bath scene" from Melancholia where Kristen Dunst's character is led to the tub, but she can't raise her leg to get in. Profound depression. The best visual of this disease I have ever seen. God, I just want to hug the poor girl - because I know how she feels. And I want to hug you all too, for the same reason! No, I wasn't that bad, but, I felt it coming and I was close. I did still manage to write a little and work on my pension arrangement with my ex. Not much, but at least I did something.
  13. Well done, Mark. Do you feel that? That was a pat on the back!!!! 🙂
  14. How I feel, my friend. Like a square peg jamming itself over and over into a round hole of normal humanness. I would love to accept my difference - as I've said to many on here in the past. Tonight, I am having trouble. I just wish I could fit in, even just a little.
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