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  1. Help! Mysterious Bite

    Just saw this....glad everything turned out ok.
  2. Boys Vs Girls

  3. Congratulations are in order!

    I should have posted this Wednesday night!
  4. Have a day

    Nice ☀️
  5. That was me. I'm one of the ones in love with my CO. I just posted that about 2 hours ago (for the bazillionth time ❤️)
  6. My therapist has always tried her best to keep me grounded as well (that's how I choose to look at it.) If it makes you happy to believe those are his words and you can't prove they're not, do what makes you feel better. Sorry your post didn't get a response until now (belated welcome to the thread, by the way...)
  7. Like @BlueStarr I don't think I'm familiar with your CO (maybe, but I don't recognize his name.) It would violate all kinds of unspoken rules for anyone to do that to anyone here, in my opinion. There's a code among us...or at least, there should be.
  8. @imalittleteapot....I'm happy to hear that your marriage is good and solid. wasn't telling you that you should get a divorce. I was listening to what you said about the relationship between you and your husband and applying it to where my husband and I once were (not different from the things you said) and asking you to not to make the same mistake I've made. If you don't think that's going to happen, I would never suggest that you should get a divorce! I have to say something about this too....what's crazy-making for you is what keeps me sane. I can (and have) pictured myself romantically with my CO, and I want to be with him desperately I've said many times, if he showed up on my doorstep, I'd leave with him need to have a long discussion about it. I don't consider myself crazy for loving (yes, really loving) the man I call my CO. I would be crazy if I didn't.
  9. A Perfect Song

  10. You've said this a few times now....I can't ignore it any longer because I understand where you're coming from. This is just friendly advice. I'd like to suggest to you not to make the same mistake I've made by staying with someone who's wrong for you too long (40+ years for me.) Mine is all the things you said about yours...a good guy, a great father, a hard worker. There are also many negative words I could use to describe him. In many ways, comparing him to vanilla ice cream would be complimentary. I could rationalize and say that I'm lucky that he's not beating me up every night or coming home drunk. I actually have said those things. But at the end of the day, saying those things don't make me any happier. Sure, I could do worse. But I could have done much better too. It's too late for me. I'm an older woman. I need to stay where I am for financial security because I'm retired. There's little chance I could find employment to support myself in the manner I've become accustomed to, and absolutely no chance I would find another man who would want me at my age. I'm begging you not to make the same mistake I've made by waiting so long that you find yourself in the position I currently find myself in.
  11. 4 years ago....51 years ago....why did I have to fall in the first place?