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  1. What if you took 20 years to pay it off? You’ll still be young enough to work at 60, and by spreading the debt out 15 more years, you’ll still have money to live between then and now.
  2. random incoming hug :hugs:

    1. Audrey822


      Aw thanks!! Here’s one back to you!! :hugs:

  3. 2 years ago today the best mentor, teacher, and therapist I ever had passed away. He was such a positive influence, so I’m not mourning today...instead, I’m celebrating his life in the best way I know how: Thank you, Maurice White (12/19/41-2/4/16)
  4. You didn’t, and no apology necessary. This misunderstanding has happened before. I just wanted to make my own feelings clear on this again.
  5. You guys can ignore my response to the question if you like, but I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t ignore it to the point of generalizing how “people” feel about celebrities or by suggesting it’s necessary to be in a relationship with someone for a certain length of time in order to feel love for that person. I had a meeting with my CO...but that wasn’t necessary to know how I felt about him. All of you have admitted you have limited or no experience with love or relationships. I have had experience with love in real life. And I’ve told you how I feel about my CO. No one else can say how another person feels, or why they love someone. You don’t know my mind or my heart, so it’s impossible for you to challenge that or speak for me.
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