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    I enjoy drawing, writing, and thinking. I'm also very Catholic and am in love with the religion. I married Alexander Kholodov, a Russian native, when I was twenty and we now have four beautiful children: Adam Jacob, Douglas Williams, Rose Ellen, and Jeremiah Paul. We are also hoping to adopt a child from China this next year. I have struggled with my depression for three years and insomnia for one and am still debating treatment. My husband is aware of my depression but not the entire extent of it.
  1. I grew up with depression through all of my teen years so far. I am sixteen now and had been gradually developing a more cynical outlook on life in seventh grade shortly after my father died( I never knew him so I do not believe this was a direct cause) which progressed into depression by my ninth grade year. Throughout the past year, I have developed insomnia as well which has made high school miserable. I cannot sleep without complete silence and often not even then. This has caused me to become very irritable and rather distant. I have become awkward in social situations and often go through great lengths to avoid people. I feel like I have to mentally prepare myself for going out and interacting with others and often feel exhausted from the efforts afterwards. I become very short tempered with other kids my age mostly because they are all so shallow and frivioulous. I have more in common with the adults and often talk more to them. I am losing friends right and left and I can't seem to try hard enough to keep them.
  2. Sometimes I feel so old for someone so young...

  3. I am so tired, but of course I will not sleep because sleep does not come easy when one's mind is always awake.

  4. "In three words I can sum all I've learned from life: It goes on." -Robert Frost

  5. I suppose I shall try to get to twenty posts.

  6. Still wondering how to use this...

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