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  1. Great for you to check in, marvinoman, and glad you've found recovery. Some people can recover by changing their lifestyle. Others won't get relief this way. Everyone's different.
  2. John, Sorry to hear about your Anhedonia. From the sounds of it, you're suffering quite a serious form of it, with psychotic features. If you're still in a deep anhedonia after 8 years, you're most likely not being sufficiently treated. Could you perhaps suggest to your doctor a stronger medication? MAOIs for example provide more dopamine than the usual medications and are useful for restoring pleasure. Along with regular exercise & meditation, im sure you can pull through this soon.
  3. Most of the SSRIs, Wellbutrin. Some of the TCAs are selective for norepinephrine instead of serotonin. It sounds like you're making progress. Keep exercising, if you dont have full remission after 6-8 weeks of wellbutrin i'd say your doctor would be looking at adding an SSRI to it. SSRI + Wellbutrin is a good combination as well. Your emotions will return once the depression is in full remission, so keep working with your doctor. Also, Wellbutrin should counter the SSRI sexual side effects. Nortriptyline does that for me as well.
  4. Pretty good. Im on Nortriptyline now. I can actually enjoy things which is a start. It's a good baseline med since you can add SSRIs or MAOIs to it, and it seems to also counter SSRI sexual side effects. If your Anhedonia is a brain chemistry problem like mine, meds help alot.
  5. If you're treatment resistant, tried all SSRIs, TCAs, SNRIs.. You might want to try MAOIs. This is assuming you've tried all the lifestyle stuff. Regular Meditation, exercise, socialising, hobbies. Anhedonia is when the brain unlearns pleasure, for some reason. Either due to prolonged comfort zones, trauma, genetics, theres alot of factors and thats why remission is attained differently per individual. Don't think you're brain damaged. The depression/anhedonia is simply blocking all your thoughts & emotions. Some people ive talked to who got their emotions back needed high dose medications, or combinations such as: Cymbalta + Geodon Zoloft + Wellbutrin Effexor + Mirtazapine If your Anhedonia is treatment resistant you might want to ask your doctor about the above. They're based on broad spectrum neurotransmission. Don't read too much on the internet about meds numbing you. Meds are designed to reduce your depression, not numb your feelings. Hang in there and work with your doctor.
  6. There's been 100s of users, with zero reports of permanent side effects. It is entering phase 2 trials currently. Personally i've been using it since 2014 with great success. Reliable sourcing is a problem but doable with some research.
  7. I suspect he found an answer within. I'm beginning to see it this way. I've found the most profound effects on Anhedonia via psychedelics, meditation. Psychiatric meds seem to provide a temporary relief. The answer is within, unless you have a truly biologically induced disorder.
  8. As womanofthelight said, you might want to talk to your doctor about some kind of augmentation strategy. Higher dose SSRIs can cause more severe sexual dysfunction & Anhedonia, due to higher levels of serotonin acting as inhibitory on norepinephrine & dopamine. Augmenting certain drugs can boost these chemicals, restore sexual function & reduce Anhedonia symptoms.
  9. Hi AJM, Did you have the sadness symptoms in the previous episodes, where you had sexual function? I suspect the Anhedonia is causing your sexual problems. Are you currently going back on an SSRI that previously worked or you tried a different one this time?
  10. I found the SSRI to be a critical part of the combo, there's something interesting about the synergy of the two.
  11. took at least a month to feel anything. It seems to take longer than SSRIs to work.
  12. Im not sure if Anhedonia is SSRI induced anymore, i used to think that.. But now i think Anhedonia is just a very severe depression, one that's evolved beyond the feeling sadness. You can use it during SSRI use. I also combined NSI with Moclobemide, an MAOI. I found that a good combo for some time. I wish i didn't stop it though, or my Anhedonia got worse over time, and i now require a SSRI + TCA combination.
  13. I found SSRI + Nortriptyline to be quite a good combo
  14. Hang in there. Anxiety could actually be shutting down your emotions & ability to feel and enjoy things. Anxiety when severe enough can do this. This is probably why your mental health clinician is focusing on this. Though if the problem is ongoing with little result, you could try seeing a psychiatrist and trying medication.
  15. I think depression creates delusions in our thinking patterns. I know when i find the right medication combo, that distorted thinking goes away, the glass wall goes away and everything feels lighter and positive. Depression can be genetic or environmentally induced, considering all my siblings have clinical depression i'd have a guess it's genetic for me, and medication helps immensely for this kind. There's a few members ive kept in touch with and they have returned to normal once they found the medications that work, and the Internet can be tricky in that way, as we always keep hearing from people who are still depressed or saying medications dont work. If you're still feeling unhappy, numb, or something isn't right, i'd suggest trying a different cocktail until the "lights come on" so to speak
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