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  1. I'm thinking about admitting myself to a mental health clinic. So hard to do anything or see anyone. I'm just empty right now. I can' take care of myself. I sit on the couch all the time. I don't shower & my house is a mess. I don't feel like I shut down. Things have slowly gotten worse over the past 10 yrs & my life is horrible. I feel exhausted. Sometimes if I pay someone to do the dishes, it motivates me to clean up. I think that if I went into a inpatient clinic, I would heal.
  2. My husband has just about destroyed me! He has every characteristic of a pathological narc. Except physical abuse. It's ambient abuse and it is so destructive. I stay in, don't shower, frequently, I don't cleanup the house. Sometimes I feel paralyzingly depressed. I'm in a fog and look at my life as being such a nothing. My kids are grown & I put on an act for them. My mother is 87 & thinks you get over depression in one day. I had cancer & the chemo caused memory loss & cognitive problems so I can't work. I can envision what my life should be like but I can't get there.
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