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  1. Feeling worn out today. Think it is back pain that is keeping me from doing much around the house. Go to Dr tomorrow, Yeh!!

    1. Tungsten Aromatics

      Tungsten Aromatics

      I hope you have had a great day. :)

  2. Wonderful Idea and Even Better Accomplishments, This is so important to do this. Positive thoughts do well I think. So here goes, I am most proud of my ability to raise 5 beautiful children and in return, have 10 grand children. I am proud of my ability to be strong and determined. I feel I am crafty and I love to do things for others.
  3. So sorry for what you have been dealing with. Stick with it though, in the end you will know that you did the right thing by being there for your loved one. Just make sure you make time for yourself. Lastly, this is the best place you can be. Plenty of great advice and support can come out of a few words in a post. I am here for you anytime you need to talk or vent.
  4. I have been told by my therapist that I need to do as much meditation therapy as possible. She also suggested yoga as well. I have been searching the site here a little, maybe I missed it, I probably did, and if so I apologize. Just want as much info on it as possible to help me with my anxiety attacks. Now I plan on doing some research too, but I was just wondering a few things. 1. Has anyone ever tried yoga or meditation as therapy, and if so has it helped? 2. Does anyone have any ideas or possible web sites on this topic? Thanks for any advice you can help me with. :taz:
  5. Like everyone here I googled too, but I specifically looked for Depression Support and forums or chat. I came up with a few leads at other sites, but this one really caught my eye, and here I am. Glad I found you. I have a goal now, to come here and post and read what others go through. Feels good to know that we are all here for each other. Thanks again for making it happen.
  6. This is great, a venting thread. And boy can I vent. So here goes; I guess what I really can relate to is the fact that I feel as if I have lost everything. I used to have such a great job, and life. Now it is so different. I am not in a happy place right now. I can no longer work, so that means no income. Of course SSI is in my future, I am on my 1st appeal. No health insurance that is worth speaking of. My health is getting worse. My family is totally dysfunctional. My emotionally abusive husband will soon be going to jail. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I have no ambition, no appetite, no will to do anything. I stay home mostly, and either sleep, watch tv or get on the computer. My anxiety attacks are getting worse, can't figure that one out either. Just having everything go wrong at once and it is very frustrating. Sometimes I just want to crawl in a hole and vanish. But I know I need to face all of this, and move forward, that is the hard part. Anyway, this was a great idea, and thanks for the opportunity to vent.
  7. I hope you have an amazing day! ღ Lindsay

  8. MsAnn, I just read your post and all of what you have gone through. I am so very sorry for your loss and your diagnoses. Life can really seem so unfair when there is so much thrown at you. I myself am semi new here. I have found that the more I post about the things that are bothering me the better I feel. Also, I am finding that helping others helps me too. The forums are a great place for giving and getting advice. I also want to say that there is hope. I know that does not seem possible now. But do not give up all hope. And please know, I am here for you anytime you need to talk. Please feel free to message me if there is something you need to talk about. Peace to you my friend.
  9. Hello, I am new to this depression thing. Newly diagnosed about 3 years ago. I can see how all of those symptoms can contribute to every day living. It is very hard for me to even get out of bed sometimes. But I do each and every day. And it always seems like the world is against me. I forget every thing, and have no will to do any thing. I have a BA in Elementary Education and a ZA Endorsement in Early Childhood Education. I hurt my back and have managed to acquire many health issues that keep me struggling daily. I can no longer work which breaks my heart as well. But my biggest struggle is by far my depression. It has really changed me. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for sharing, I am learning so much and things will get better for us all. As I read your post I can see that many of my symptoms and meds are similiar in nature. But I am also on a mission to help all of you and myself as well. Good Luck mwhite, I wish you well. Thanks again.
  10. Hello, seems as if everything is fake now. My husband will soon be going to jail for at least 3 months and he is concerned that I will not be around when he returns. I have mentioned numerous time that it is a strong possibility that may happen. Now after 34 years and at least 10 years of emotional abuse he is starting to be nice. Of course I do not see it to be a significant improvement, but enough to notice. Especially since he is not complaining about things first thing in the morning. Now to me I feel it is kind of fake, since in 2 weeks he will be in jail. Not sure what to think anymore. I guess I just needed to vent. Thank you.
  11. So sorry for all the struggles you all have shared. My depression is actually caused by my husband and my health issues. My husband makes everything worse, is very negative and does not understand the importance of communication. However, I think that he is depressed as well and that has cause our relationship to dwindle. 34 years is a long time to be married. Regardless of what is going on, I am still trying to fix it, but it is hard doing it alone. Anyway, I am rambling, great poll thanks for sharing.
  12. Seems like my anxiety attacks are just getting worse. Maybe all of the stress levels I am on. But this morning I woke up with a bad anxiety attack. I just don't get it, I went so long with out having one and now I am having an episode of them. Bad one a few days ago and small ones along the way. Seems like I always get them at the most awkward times. And since I woke up with one first thing this morning, it kind of surprised me I guess. Put me in a bummed out mood. Just wish they would stop. Got to try and not have them first thing in the day, that would be my first goal. Kind of puts a damper on your day if you know what I mean.
  13. Hello Friends, I seem to be in a kind of rut so to speak. I have multiple health concerns, fibro, asthma, injured back, and of course depression. I have been getting these episodes of forgetfulness. It is very frustrating for me to forget everything. An example, I made coffee and forgot to put the water in. That is not like me. I talked to a dr about it and he says, I need to get more exercise. I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this working for forgetfulness. I am not sure what could be causing this, but what I do know is that I feel very frustrated when I forget every day things. Was just wonder what anyone might think? Thanks for letting me vent and for reading this.
  14. You know the old saying; "When it rains it pours?" Well, that seems to be my life situation lately. I get no support from my husband. I feel so all alone, and seldom no one to talk to. I just started mental health therapy with an assistant, but I am going to remain positive that this is a good thing for me. It just seems that no matter how hard I try to make things right in my life, something comes along and makes it fall all apart. In a few weeks I will be experience a life altering situation that will test my strength and courage. I am feeling as if I may not be strong enough mentally. I have trouble really sharing everything that I have been through, but I know that i need to for me to recover, I need to talk through this. I will remain positive however and shoot for a better road and a positive outcome. I just ask that along the way, if I am having a bad day, like today. Then, I get the occasional shoulder to cry on. I can do the same for you in return. Peace to all and thanks for allowing me to share. Hope all your days are peaceful ones.
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