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  1. Hi people thanks for the replies, I was wondering. What made you guys decided to change and realise self harming was wrong? my friend doesn't see it as something bad as she sees it as a coping mechanism.
  2. Hi people, I have a friend who's started self harming and I don't know what to do to make her stop self harming. I know it's a gradual process but I'm stuck.
  3. Thanks Fizzle for helping me understand some of the reasons. The problem is that she doesn't recognise that she's ill or that what she's doing is bad for her. @roostinghens. i've talked to her and asked her why she's been doing it. She says she self harms when she feels bad as the emotional pain is too much so the physical pain from self harming is according to her a better type of pain as it's less painful. she says that afterwards she feels fine. Also she feels as if she deserves the pain. I think she is depressed but she doesn't want to get help and she thinks her situation is hopeless and that nothing will make her better. The problems atm are making her recognise that self harm isn't good and encouraging her to get help. I was also wondering if there are any alternatives to coping with the pain. i just stayed in bed and felt like crying.
  4. thanks hopebutterfly. i was wondering if u had advice for the self harm which im mainly worried about. I've dealt with suicidal thoughts but never self harm so it's all new to me. is the hotline number for the uk?
  5. Hi, my friend started self harming recently. it's only a few scratches. she says the physical pain is better than the mental pain. she's also been feeling suicidal. she doesn't want to get help and doesn't think there's something wrong with her. it's been tough supporting her especially since I've just finished therapy and should know how to help her a bit. it's a stressful period atm due to uni applications this month. help would be really appreciated :)just to add i live in the uk which might help with advice
  6. what did you do in counselling? did it help? I managed to open up to my psychiatrist so it should be fine. I also wrote a letter which my psychiatrist has sent to the psychology department which contain the therapists. luckily no one has said anything stupid to me which is good :P
  7. Did you find there was a root reason that caused your irrational guilt? well i've been put on the waiting list for therapy so hopefully that will help. i don't think you were insensitive. it's just so hard explaining stuff and sometimes people can come across as blunt in their explanations. What actually happens in therapy? like what does the therapist ask?
  8. it sucks how we need support yet at the same time we can't burden our friends with our problems :( I've always had a problem with being clingy and obsessive this just makes everything worse because i don't know who to trust :\ Do you still drink a lot of water? does comfort food cheer you up?
  9. Does anyone with depression ever feel guilty about being depressed. There are people in the world who have worse lives than me and I know that. I have depression and I just feel bad sometimes about how If i were mentally stronger then I wouldn't have depression whereas people who are living in poverty probably didn't have much choice and were born into it. People have problems but it just feels as if my problem is just trivial compared to other people's problems and that I should really just carry on with life because people with worse problems are able to cope with theirs. My situation isn't as life-threatening as people who have cancer... eurgh... having depression just sucks. all the insecurity and other crap thoughts...
  10. I was just wondering. Did you always contact your friend whenever you were going through an episode. At the moment I just go through my episodes alone but I always think of talking to certain people in my head but I don't want to be dependent on them, and like you said they will get stressed out and become burdened, and I don't want to burden them because i would feel bad about it. How are you managing to cope at the moment? any advice would be helpful.
  11. For me whenever i get negative thoughts it starts a chain reaction so I try and get rid of that thought as soon as it appears. Maybe you should avoid looking at the mirror. Doing something that occupies your mind or something that you find fun helps me distract myself from a negative frame of mind.
  12. Do you ever feel that instead of doing stuff that you should do, (like revising for exams) you do stuff that makes you feel better like playing games or procrastinating online? Over time do you find that after undergoing therapy and/or medication your outlook on life starts to change?
  13. Sometimes I wonder what's the difference between a depressed person and a normal person. A normal person feels sad, a normal person gets intrusive thought sometimes but are able to cope with them, a normal person might have low self confidence and self esteem which leads to them feeling hopeless yet they manage to fight on. Some normal people feel suicidal but aren't depressed. Everyone also feels demotivated from time to time yet they cope. Also some people might not find a certain activity fun anymore possibly due to other people ruining it for them. There are also socially awkward people who are shy but they don't have social anxiety. Many people feel nervous when put under pressure yet they don't have an anxiety disorder. It just seems that normal people can cope whenever something happens to them and therefore they're mentally stronger. It's just so confusing..
  14. i just don't really know how to bring this topic up and talk about it in real life. I'd feel bad if i kept dragging my friend around and talking in private when she has other people to talk to. maybe i need to be more selfish? o.O
  15. hi sydney The thing is wrote a 3000+ word essay on how i feel which i've posted on this forum and i've sent to my friends. I've told some friends about this but it still feels as if they don't really understand the severity of the problem and that they kind of downplay it. there are always people i want to talk to who make me feel better but like i said earlier i don't want to freak them out by talking to them too much. i just want someone who's always there for me that i can rely on. I guess that's why i thought finding a girlfriend would be a good idea because i would hang around with them a lot and do other random stuff. who was that dependable person foryo u? was it your parents? i guess i need to talk to my friends properly about it. it's just that some of them i don't really want to talk to them about it. there's one girl i know who's really amazing and understanding and well we went out for a few days but she decided she just wanted to be friends. it's just that whenever i feel bad i always seem to suffer alone and i can't bring myself to ask her for help and the annoying thing is that i feel bad when i don't talk to her and when we see each other and don't talk i think that she doesn't really like me as much as i think she does. i also feel really awkward when i'm with a group of people and i have nothing to contribute. normally i just walk away and hide myself in the music department of my school :P i just don't seem to fit in with normal people at the moment.
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