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  1. Went out with a friend to get coffee. Played a bit of video games.
  2. Hopeless. Can't sleep. Decided I won't sleep tonight, made some coffee, heck it!
  3. At Eternity's Gate Willem Dafoe playing Vincent van Gogh Interesting camerawork 7/10
  4. A medieval 14th century german song called "Wer daz Elend bauen wil" performed by the Augsburg ensemble. translated it would be something like: Whoever wants to wander through the outland shall sally forth and be my journeyman on the ways of Saint James! He needs two pairs of shoes, a bowl and a bottle. A broad-brimmed hat should he have and don't go without a cloak richly stitched with leather; the snow may fall, the rain may fall or the wind may blow, the air shall not bewet him. Bag and staff are carried along as well. He should make sure that he went to confession, confessed and penanced. If he comes to the foreign lands, he can't find any German priest.
  5. *raises hand* There are dust bunnies scuttling around when I walk around the apartment. I don't care either, nobody visits anyway. I did manage to wash the floor of my bedroom a week ago, which took so much energy I slept after that. It's ridiculous what depression does...
  6. Ensiferum - Lost in Despair I remember this song from 2006-07 when I was in my "syaaad emo metallurgy phase".
  7. I think I'm over 25... but that doesn't help anybody. The thing you're looking for is people who can help.
  8. I feel like I'm too far gone into depression. I will never be whole again. Miserable feeling.
  9. Orange juice, again. Dunno what's up with that.
  10. I seem to be drinking this juice of the orange more frequently. So it seems I drank this orange juice.
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