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  1. I know I'm typing one word I am sure of it, but it's not the word I'm thinking about lol... I'm typing "woman" but I actually write "money". It's either a brain disease, or my brains is a comedian from the 1950s. I start handwriting words backwards! Just like I did with numbers before primary school. I do catch myself before I mess up the writing, but ... that's odd. So instead of "beans" I start writing "sna..."
  2. I feel ok-ish. I feel also ever so slightly concerned.
  3. My raspberry-rose lemonade froze as I cycled back from the shop. Quite interesting texture, tasty though!
  4. Salmon sandwich... a ... salmwich
  5. Got some "water-o-life" stored too, but this time it's coffee instead.
  6. Printers, I hate printers. Printing a clothes pattern in human size; the printer decides to stop and gives an unspecified error - I close the project. Then it decides to notify "Oh, btw ... it's just the paper sensor being silly. Put more in!" And I've already close the project and the clipboard is empty and I can't restart printing from the last position. The time of the sword and ax is nigh! Printer will say good bye!
  7. Got a bit angry a while ago. Calmed down, now it's better. Bit carried away with controlling anger with too much food today.
  8. At times I regrain some form of clarity and feel as if I want to make people happy. But then the clouds descend and the fog obscures my sight.
  9. It was a tiny tree about 3 feet tall, grabbed it at the centre of balance and off I went
  10. A Polish friend suggested a very good camera, which I bought for Christmas ... now I'm taking it everywhere. Need a stabilizer... I wanna make movies. Stabilizer!
  11. Walked; carried my xmas tree to the gathering point instead ... no bonfire this year, sadly. 6 miles to the park, 6 miles back... went very well, no pain in feet as I mostly tried to walk through snow to cushion the impact
  12. Certain kinds of laughter in a funny context. The kind of laughter that sometimes sounds like a boiling kettle and somebody trying to cough out a chewed walnut.
  13. Frustrated by most things. Incapable of adapting anymore. Also concerned that I make spelling errors very frequently. Not only when typing, but also writing.
  14. Went for a walk and during the journey finished listening to "The Poetic Edda" audiobook. Nothing much else.
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