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  1. First dream was absolute horror. I won't describe it. Second dream was weird. There was a nerve agent attack and I flew several hundred meters to safety, leaving people behind.
  2. What's with insomnia striking when I least "need" it?😬 Feeling annoyed.
  3. Noodle water! With noodles obviously, but noodle water is also a drink.
  4. Interpretations of medieval music. "Procurans odium" performed by Clemencic Consort
  5. Liquid ketchup aka tomato juice very nice from the fridge🍅
  6. Sandwiches with garlic sauce, and "apple juice".
  7. Actually not that awful. I had some mild SI today, went from room to room wanting to die, but it passed. So, not too bad. Went for a walk too.
  8. Kevin MacLeod - Meatball parade Symbolizes me bumbling around in life. That's my tune.
  9. feeling 4/10 insomnia not caring much about sleep to be honest
  10. Mordhau, a pseudo-medieval fighting game ⚔️
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