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  1. A liquid type of yogurt. Unsweetened, cold and fresh.
  2. Fruity flowery tea. Not sure whats in it, but it smells good.
  3. wat is this social meadery thou speakest of? To be honest I have so few friends and people with whom I interact with... social media hasn't pissed me off yet. Yet.
  4. A bit annoyed and anxious. Yesterday had a 12 hour shift, had 0 hours sleep and today is another 12 hour shift. I've done that before, but I was relatively healthy. I'm far from healthy now. I am almost certain I'm going to shout at people at work.
  5. Salmon fillet thing. Just right. Not to salty not too bland.
  6. Enough port to dock with the ISS.
  7. Black bread and fried Baltic herring in tomato sauce. Very nice.
  8. Time Team, old episodes from the mid 90s. Makes me think of better times.
  9. A spoonful of Fish liver oil! Or maybe coffee...
  10. Managed to have a decent nights sleep despite being up til 2 am. Yesterday's deep misery seems to have gone (touch wood, turn around three times, swim in a barrel of eels at midnight).
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