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  1. no worries it's just the usual feeling a bit groggy at the moment, I believe it's called an "overhang" or was it a "hovercraft" or "botherbang".
  2. Hey! The holding it in might work, yes. I've had the opposite(not swallowing; and an opposite treatment - to swallow) like 20 years ago for a year or so. Triggered by a surgery+wearing braces, but it eventually morphed into something more bearable: gently clearing the throat and then it disappeared completely after a few more years. Are you getting any treatment by professionals? Ask for some form of reassuring methods and exercises from the therapist.
  3. I just started watching this one quite funny and marvelously cringe. I'm surprised Peep Show isn't on there with Mitchell and Webb.
  4. Seems I'm getting addicted to apple and juniper juice. I lack an outlet completely... nobody to talk to. My family are impossible to talk to. My only friend will get triggered easily... and I can't get anybody else to talk to me. Psychologist coming up next week... after almost two months of leave. Truth be told I've been having an awful two months... I reality is being questioned, which person is which. I can't handle it.
  5. If anyone's familiar with the spongebob "not needing water" meme... well, here I am waiting my fracture to heal... and I NEED TO RUN, I NEED IT! I NEED IT! I NEED IT! So, instead I go biking... LOL
  6. I fear if I experience one more loss-trauma, I'll tear myself apart. I never had anyone to talk to except psychologists and doctors... it's not enough. It just isn't. I had quite a morning today; I was very angry and frustrated... threw away some shit, shouted a bit and demolished a few cups.
  7. I guess we have trouble with guilt and self-esteem I know it's important to let yourself be helped, but it's so fing difficult.
  8. I used to dring excessively. Anxiety was through the roof. I mean strong coffee, in a large mug. 5 times a day average. Now I'm mostly drinking once in the morning when I get up. Background anxiety isn't too awful, but I doubt it was only because of coffee habits. Coffee makes me feel a bit better in terms of mood problems.
  9. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Hammer Song Love it.
  10. I hate myself so much. I have two support workers, they told me I need this help they're providing... but I'm not even calling them, because I think I'm wasting their time. I don't deserve it.
  11. With great power comes a large electric bill
  12. Not too bad. Foot hurts, it's been doing so for months. I suspect I've actually managed to get a "stress fracture" and didn't let it heal - it feels like one. It's funny, mental anguish was so awful that I didn't really care about my foot being on "fire". Gotta get an xray.
  13. Some running; dunno 3 miles? Did a ring around town early in the morning on my bike like 2-4 am lol...
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