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  1. For weeks now I've been going for a walk. An hour every freaking day. It feels almost impossible starting the routine every damn day - but I'm doing it! I'm doing it!
  2. Significantly better most of the time. What's going on with me??? There is sometimes a day in a week where I also feel worse than ever... so that's balanced out nicely, eh? 7/10
  3. Hehe. Sunday, lockdown, DIY shops closed... and water filter burst. I feel 🥕/10
  4. Washing hands is the main weapon. Social isolation too whether or not infection if involved. Though going for a walk is needed to get that juicy vitamin D activated in the skin, and fresh air. Vitamin D supplements too. I noticed loads of families just spatziering (going for a walk) in the early-spring sun. Hopefully they'll know to keep distance from others.
  5. I had a dog. His name was Jimmy and due to the cuteness of his appearance his name morphed into Choomik. You'd start out saying the name "Jimmy" and then you'd sort of baby-talk and the name eventually became "JimjimjhimschumchumchuChoomik"! Also a cat whose name started out as Thomas, you know... from Tom and Jerry. And eventually he earned a nickname of "Godzilla". He was famous for invading large Japanese cities and eating buildings...
  6. Cases tripled in a week. Statistically we're pretty high with the reported cases compared with our 1.3 million population. The gov't is reacting to danger instead of trying to prevent danger. Gov't is like: "Hmm, dis fire look pretty ouchy, my friend got burn... wat if I put my hand in fire? Do I burn too?" Gov't should be: "Hmm, my friend got burn. Fire = ouchy. Not good. Me not put hand in fire!"
  7. A bit anxious. The calm before the storm seems ominous.
  8. Probably the best candy I've had in a decade! Ginger candy, sweet and really gingery. Like eating sweet fire!
  9. Hey! Winter never arrived here 🙂 waiting for summer haha. -- Feeling ok as I slept fine today too and my flu finally seems to have gone for good.
  10. Another sleepless night! 🤪 Bleh, is the feeling.
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