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  1. I haven't been so frustrated and furious in a long time.
  2. Last time I cared about old Val's day was... 20 years ago. I gave my crush a hand-drawn card. No wait... I still do care, I get to buy discount choccy and video games for myself!
  3. Truth and Justice, 2019 not bad for a "local" movie, 8.9 on imdb... wtf
  4. Walked for a few km and did a short jog to see if I can. Turns out I'll get out of breath in about 50 m.
  5. Walked 3 km today and some fast walking last 500 m. My legs felt like breaking. £@[k depression and all its features!! I need to keep walking for a month and eventually I'll be running again.
  6. Well I laughed at a video game today - the AI made a silly move. So I guess that ... 🙂
  7. I need to lose weight too. I'm too uncomfortable with this extra armour. Is it possible to lose 5 lbs(2kg) a month? I seem to be gaining those pounds instead. 🤪 I'll try losing some!
  8. went for a walk, listened to some music on the way drank too much coffee drew a picture
  9. "Moch Sa Mhadainn", song from the TV show Outlander sung by Griogair Labhruidh
  10. 😵a bit tired, but otherwise not too bleh
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