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  1. I've been through lots different anti depressants and combinations over 20 years and still trying to find something that works. ECT has never been discussed as an option, i think it's a very very last resort in extreme cases only. If these are your first drugs it his highly highly unlikely you'd be referred for ECT
  2. Hi, i have suffered with years with anxiety and depression and tried varrious meds with little or no effect. Since Septemeber i have been taking a daily combination of escitalopram (10mg), mirtazpine (15mg) and pregabalin (2 x 100mg). This seems to have heped, but i have crashed over the festive period, a time which i have always found difficult. Should i still get bad times, even though on such a combination? I thought i shouldn't still get issues. Like i say, the last 3 months have been very good, so feel kinda crushed that i have had a relapse. Any advice?
  3. I found I can drink smaller quantities ok, but if on a big drinking night like a Christmas night out, excessive drink leads to a sharp down turn in emotions and leave me feeling terrible for a spell.
  4. If only it was so easy as to see someone worse off than the way we are and feel better. I have a good home life, decent job, have friends, and yet I am plagued with anxieties and depression due to bad genes. Get's me down
  5. how do you guys keep going when suffered for years and every med you have tried or self help resource hasn't helped?
  6. Has anyone any experience of taking seroquel for anxiety? My doc has prescribed it as a 25mg dose as and when needed.
  7. Hi, I am going for a private psychiatric assessment next week and just wondered what to expect, has anyone got experience of these assessments and what happens at them?
  8. up to yourself, if you are not comfortable with her then maybe should see someone else
  9. General anxiety, can worry at the most minor of things. I can feel fine for weeks/months, then wham, irrational worries and crippling anxiety. It is so frustrating as I try meditation, CBT and meds along with exercise and only the exercise helps really, but can't do that all day long.
  10. that's good to hear. did you have depression as well or just anxiety?
  11. Just general, an almost constant anxiety about nothing really, it's horrible. Can go away for couple months, then wham, it's back and can be suffering for weeks of down/anxiety. Getting to the point that I do not know what else I can do
  12. That must be so frustrating and can sympathise. How long you been like this?
  13. Hi, I' have tried 3 different SSRI's and venlafaxine and none have worked for me. I have gave them all over 3 months to work , but they don't seemed to have did anything for me. I have did CBT, exercise and try to meditate, but still live almost constantly anxious. What else can I do? I feel I need a medicinal route as it would appear to be a genetic/hereditary issue that it stems from with me. Has anyone else found that SSRI's don't work for them?
  14. Hi, what meds do you guys take for anxiety? I've tried 3 SSRI;s and venlafaxine also propanolol and none have helped much. Heard about pregabalin (lyrica) but think it is difficult to get it prescribed here in UK
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