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    Dream came true

    Relationship heartaches and loss are so hard to grieve because the other person is not actually gone, and it can feel impossible to let go.
  2. Frustrating agoraphobia getting worse, getting worse, getting worse.
  3. Still trying to wake up after weird melatonin dreams. But it could be worse, much worse.
  4. I wish someone would just pick me up and place me in the shower!
  5. Absolutely dead. No emotions at all, and it probably has to do with medicine. and perhaps self medicating.
  6. TopekaK


    Happy Birthday.
  7. I feel ok I guess. But what if I get fired? There's always that fear.
  8. So empty and not connected to anyone or anything, not even music. I don't matter and I'm fine with that.
  9. Explosive Espresso Chip cookie. Addicted to these lately
  10. I feel there is no hope and no help for those of us that are so called treatment resistant. I can't sleep. And when I do, or start to drift off, I keep thinking of a friend who recently died. We had a lot in common- the way we related to people, kept a safe distance. So much so that even we drifted apart. I didn't feel badly about us being out of touch, I understood it. He suffered. Sorry I've nothing happy to say anymore. It's why I never log on. It is nice to see updates and I'd like your posts if I could. so here is some universal comfort.
  11. Feeling fine. Waiting for this new and improved "like" option thingy! Hope you're all hanging in. Or on!
  12. I have a hole in my heart and can't seem to focus on everyday tasks. The older I get the less I have to say. Nothing to offer, sorry about that. Take care everyone!
  13. I feel worthless, low. And like I'm on the outside looking in. It's lonely feeling.
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