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  1. Same here. I rarely make the effort these days. At least we have DF
  2. Wow, JD that's awful. Your ex sounds... well I'll just leave it at that! Nothing wrong with crying.
  3. What you're going through is very difficult; I have one of those anniversaries coming up, too. Give yourself some slack and try to do something you enjoy this weekend. If sitting on the floor all day getting high helps you, then so be it! Sometimes doing nothing brings solace.
  4. Usual work anxiety. And pressure I put on myself because of what society thinks. I have a job and support myself, I want simplicity but where I live it's fast paced and heavily goal and success oriented. I feel like a loser, but I know I'm not. When we make huge advancements in our mental well being, that's not the kind of success people want to know about, unless of course you're well known. To everybody here, I'm really proud of your success in just trying to live a decent lives with so many unseen obstacles. Good work!
  5. My neighbor has this vocal (tic?) and it's quite loud. I have certain tics too, but once I saw this guy chase a cat off our street, so already he's on my crumb list.
  6. It seems harder for me to navigate around here since the formatting changed. I must be getting old.
  7. Private grooming in public places
  8. Well I can't even find the how are you doing thread. I don't belong anywhere, not even here and it all seems pointless. I feel 94 years old.
  9. I cant believe you've had an Ativan for 2 years lol! They work fast, maybe take a half? I guess your already on your way.
  10. Well I am excited for you!! Yes you should do your hair tomorrow. Coloring hair always makes me feel good have a wonderful time and best of luck!
  11. Is this where my status update goes?  Under Activity? 

  12. A complete hamster wheel I agree. I've seen you fall down here, and you always bounce back. This is a rough period, but you'll get through it. Maybe it's the cats and your daughter that push you back up. It is beautiful country out there. It's so cool that your daughter skated, that was my dream career! Sounds like a change of scenery would do you some good.
  13. That's great! I still can't leave the house, so you are not alone.
  14. I know what you mean. Sometimes you just get so fed up and nothing in particular triggers misery. You deserve some sort of getaway, try to make it happen this year.
  15. Having money sure makes things easier. Do you at least get sick time? I'm tempted to jump on a train and go to New Mexico or Arizona.
  16. Sometimes someone will do something that makes me feel like I matter. That's what happened today.
  17. Definitely need to take a trip somewhere. The only out of town person I wanted to visit has passed away. I shouldn't have waited so long.
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