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  1. Rotten. Having trouble with insurance and doctors. How do I handle it? Stay in the house all day and shake.
  2. That's good to hear. I've been thinking of quitting everything CT. Did you run out? (I'm also on wellutrin, and others)
  3. You're not an awful friend at all. Just be honest, talk and listen to her like any other friend. Let her know depression doesn't scare you. This is why I chose to drift. I don't want to put anyone through any more discomfort.
  4. Yes I feel like I've wasted my life. I've tried major 'things' in life and failed at, hmm, both of them! So I do know how you feel. And I sure as hell don't desire to try anything else at this point because I'm old. And the sad part is that I don't even care anymore that I have absolutely nothing to show (so far) for my existence, my time here, my life. But like Summer says, it really is a symptom of the disease. And there is no cure so we either go down with it, or somehow find that empty puzzle we fit into. And even tho you probably don't want to hear this, 30 is not old and you literally do have quite some time to find something worth living for.
  5. It feels like I've just given up on living, aside from the Most Basic needs. I'm a true coward.
  6. Welcome! Joining here is a good first step. I'm no expert on relationships, but hopefully you can find like minded, non-toxic friends to talk to here. A lot of good folks here.
  7. Big sigh. Missing my houseguest who was here from out of town.
  8. Spitting into a public trash can.
  9. Watching docu-drama called 5 Sisters.
  10. Lazy and craving sweets. Holiday weekend !!
  11. Just going thru the motions, blahhhhh.
  12. Glad to hear you're doing better. I hope you have a good support system around you.
  13. Hi June, I read your story and I feel so bad about what you're going through. No answers really, I hope you're getting the proper help to work through your trauma. It does stay with you no matter how much you try to forget it, but with help you can heal. And remind yourself that you are safe now and it's just a nightmare.
  14. Longing for connection but I believe it's too late.

  15. Just did about 4 miles in the water, no better high. But it doesn't last.
  16. This is so interesting because I was actually thinking of making one as well. I heard it on a podcast I listen to! Maybe this is the place to do it, get some feedback. Do you feel it helps your mood at all?
  17. I heard someone play it twice and I heard each one.
  18. Ya know there's a song called Duk Ku Kim, and at first I thought you were listening to it!
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