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  1. Thanks for the input. Yes, i will need to talk to the doctor. Valerian helps a bit
  2. ps. suicide hotline won't help. I know what they will say
  3. don't know what to write. This forum is my last hope, I guess.
  4. Yeah, an endless loop. I refuse to keep changing medication. I just don't care anymore. Just get over it, Just do it, Just get out there, etc. Does not help. Ever. People say that, you feel worse because you just can't do anything. Guess I really don't have advice, but I do know how you feel. Or don't feel. I know!
  5. I tried it, but didn't like it. I'm having trouble with anxiety, too. Loraz did nothing. Only Diaz works for me, but I'm not on it right now. Let your doc know what helps and vice versa. Take care.
  6. Have you tried switching medications? I can help. I'm sorry you're going thru such hell. I think a lot more people feel the same, but are afraid to admit it. It takes strength in that, you know? So yeah, I think there is hope for you.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I'm new too. Still navigating around. You're not in this alone!
  8. Hi, Has anyone tried Kava for anxiety?
  9. So sorry to hear. I tried Celexa and did not like it. Maybe talk to the doctor? I think you are being brave… just by being open about it. Forgive me, but I'm gonna make a small correction to your last sentence ;) Today it feels like I've got nothing left. All of us, here, we have to remind ourselves and each other that these are temporary feelings. And they are not the truth. Sometimes I wonder how I do get through. This site helps. But it is constant work and awareness. Personally, now it is extremely hard- I struggle just to keep my job. I feel like I am THIS close to getting fired. I don't see people except for at work. I barely make it. So, I know how you feel. Keep in mind, this darkness won't last forever. Take Care. PS Yoga is great for depression. But how do we get back into it??
  10. Googled ativan withdrawal. Found this
  11. Hi, For me, it was like the lights went on. It really helped with the lack of energy and depression. I take it with Prozac. But, since everyone reacts differently, don't expect the same results. I also lost weight and it tends to make me jittery, so if you're also anxious, keep track of that, too! Glad you're getting help. Sometimes it takes a while to get the proper combination. Good luck, hope it makes you feel better!
  12. Since I quit FB, I've been a lot less anxious. I was addicted, and it took several deactivations. It's not a good place if you're depressed, but I do understand the wanting to check. Maybe try to cut down. And remember, not everyone is as happy on FB as they'd like you to think! Be well
  13. Music is my savior. Any song by Matt Johnson is rife with despair. So I've been on a kick. And it's just good. Lots of instrumental keeps me sane, and is good for meditating. Sometimes it's just too difficult to hear lyrics.
  14. I had a similar separation, but no children. It's very tough. Good luck and Happy New Year.
  15. I spent them alone, too. I did get a couple cards that made me smile. I spent the time mostly in bed. Then move to the couch.. and back again! Just waiting for sundown, so that the next day would arrive. It is painful, but temporary. We'll see how NYE plays out. Take care, and PM me if you want.
  16. Thanks for the advice. They are good reminders when you feel like there is really NOTHING to live for. It is difficult to put these ideas to practice though, when depression takes over. It's a constant effort.
  17. I know how you feel. But feelings are not the truth. And neither is someone else's opinion of you or your suffering. Try to remember that is temporary. Being around people that don't understand can't be helpful.. Be careful of the alcohol, as it is a depressant even though it makes you feel better at the moment. Let us know if you make the party! You are not "whacked out" You are beautiful and strong, just by being here.
  18. That is a lot to deal with! I'm sorry for your losses.. I've stayed in therapy for over 20 years, and that helps. I'm also on medication. But last last few years have gotten worse. I have all the tools to work with.. hoping a forum like this helps. Are you in therapy? The meditation music can be boring HA! But I find using music I like, and find meditative, helps a bunch. Not the generic stuff. Anyway, posting here is a good step. We all know what it's like.
  19. Hello. Thanks for telling your story. I just joined today, so I don't have much to say yet. I liked your second last paragraph. We are stronger. :)
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