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  1. A what? What's a "date"? That's great! I do hope you have fun.
  2. And if you walk just a few blocks down Stahl There's a house that was the scariest of them all A cute little palm with a sign "For Sale." But for those Sexton's kids' life was hell
  3. As someone who had been on P for 20 years, I would say no. Do you think age has something to do with it?
  4. Yes, an ad here. Thanks for the tip. They never emailed back anyway!
  5. I decided not to start over, it's much too late.
  6. Hanging by a 28 gauge wire. Don't what's going on but it's not good. I have suspicions that my meds just don't work anymore. Or even worse, I've been completely misdiagnosed.
  7. Somewhat troubled by inherent privilege.
  8. Just curious about why this thread was shut down. I really need help. By screen_name
  9. Today, I'm neither here nor there.
  10. Thanks @samadhiSheol. That's so nice to hear. One of my big conflicts is that many times I feel lonelier because of the distance and that we are for the most part, strangers.
  11. TopekaK

    Dream came true

    Oh you're always welcome! But I'm sorry to hear it and I'm finding it difficult to do many of the things I used to do, due to inhibitions. I hope it's just a phase for us. A lot of 'dos' in that sentence.
  12. Has anyone ever tried any of these clinical trials I see advertised here?
  13. No, I read them! Your life sounds exciting compared to mine. It might sound silly, but do you have an exercise buddy? Even someone to communicate with who is also trying to get into shape. It could help, compare notes and stuff, and motivate each other.
  14. All I'm good for is staring out the window.
  15. TopekaK

    Dream came true

    But you should take the chance.
  16. Trying so hard to see the beauty.
  17. Going to move this topic
  18. Better than yesterday but dreading necessary phone calls in the morning. So bad at that kind of thing.
  19. Ugh!! I hear ya. Always thinking of quitting, but too scared. I'm on Prozac and gabapentin too. Just started a Vitamin D scrip. It definitely gives a bit of a kick, much more so than store bought. I think I could quit if I lived in a remote place and could afford a lot of spa treatment!
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