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  1. I know what you mean. It's like a new ache every day.
  2. Doing fine I guess. My doctor bumped up my prozac. We'll see how that goes.I just wish I had a reason to wake up in the morning.
  3. I've got a bad case of the opinions so maybe I should keep my mouth shut.
  4. It could always be worse I suppose. I'm staying awake because I don't want to dream.
  5. TopekaK

    Have to write it down

    Thank you, sir! Summer is not a great time for me. It is flying by and I'm thankful for that.
  6. TopekaK

    Have to write it down

    Turbulent times these days. Flashbacks at any moment with only my own talk-down to come back to the present. Pretend it's all OK. Go to work and hope nothing surfaces.
  7. A little tipsy, lethargic, and missing all the dead people I used to know.
  8. I'm not cut out for this advancing fast paced world around me. I feel useless.
  9. So southern cal is heading into a massive heat wave and people are lighting palm trees on fire with illegal fireworks. Is it just me..?!
  10. Ouch! Yeah and I'm too old for squats and crunches and all that jazz. Love me, love my bumpers.
  11. Give yourself a break you have so much happening. No one is laughing.
  12. I feel like my "love handles" have tuned into full on bumpers.
  13. It is a plant that promotes relaxation. Ground to a powder or tincture form, teas, etc. Nasty tasting stuff.
  14. I look around and people seem to be enjoying life, and I'm still trying to figure out how to do it.
  15. A little tired after having some Kava. It totally arrested my toothache, though!
  16. Sht Dolphin, that's awful. I hope he can find something else. Hang in!
  17. Today is PTSD awareness day.  How exactly does this help me cope with flashback nightmares I ask you?

  18. I've not returned to new jobs because of debilitating anxiety. Jobs I *really* wanted.
  19. Eh, I'm ok. Bored if anything else.
  20. If any of you guys have a supportive, loving family, please savour and show all your love to them. Really! Loving and family are oxymoronic to me, I'm sad to say. I've never felt morally supported by them.
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