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  1. Feeling anxious but I know it ebbs and flows.
  2. You're not alone. Never tried to succeed in anything, and now of course it's too late. New York is tough. The cost of living where I am is really high, too. And I do appreciate that I have food and shelter, but we're constantly reminded of what we don't have and where we're supposed to be by this age. But mental health is never figured into life's equation, it's still ignored and hush hush. By the time we know what's held us back for so long, and how to manage it, there's no time left to live. I guess it's good to know we all relate but it's still a lonely existence.
  3. I feel like I absolutely need to make changes, but I don't know where to begin. Like an infant. On a hamster wheel. I'm too old for this. I've wasted my life.
  4. Every year is a step and push up that hill. Where I am there will be many gun shots and fireworks, so staying indoors livestream surfing.
  5. I'd like to have an automobile, but can't afford one so I'm thinking of an Amtrak rail pass.
  6. Anyone remember when we were trying to arrange a get together? 

  7. Ive been thinking of this lately. I don't feel at home anywhere.
  8. TopekaK

    I hate summer

    It's got a bookstore.....
  9. TopekaK

    I hate summer

    Just cant escape it!
  10. TopekaK

    I hate summer

    I'm with you, Ginger. Get me to Canada.
  11. Loved Hawaii 5-0 Mcgarrett was like the Bryan Ferry of law enforcement! Personally I always wanted to live in Rockford's RV on the beach! Still do lol
  12. C'mon.. Three's Company was a great one!
  13. Really want to see these whole episodes, wish they were available.
  14. The Endless Summer It's good background music, and I think I know the entire narration by heart.
  15. It seems like the older I get, the more self-conscious I feel. I miss being outgoing.
  16. Defeated. Am I the only one that goes days without seeing people?! I feel like I don't want to subject anyone to my grossness.
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