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  1. I'm a sugarholic too.  What helped was, I started to ween myself off of baked sweets by eating only vegan desserts, luna bars,

    and frozen yogurt, etc.  cos I couldn't do cold turkey.  Most markets have some good selections,  but a natural food store is the best.  The Alternative Baking Company makes amazing cookies. 

    And a hot air popcorn popper!  Put your own flavoring on it. 

    Keep us posted! 

  2. I think you're being a bit rough on yourself. 

    I don't know your  ambitions, but why not keep them.  Some people haven't a clue what they want.


    Could Toby McGuire  represent strength?  A character instead of the actor.  Isn't he a super hero?

    You often dream of actors, are you interested  in an entertainment related career?   You're in Science, right? 


    Lofty and realistic is a balance you can try.  Why not both?  Explore..


    I don't know, just thinking out loud.  

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