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  1. Exactly. Except that I don't have a tiny house, but always wanted one. I think it was a good idea for you to get it.
  2. Yes, for the last few years, and it has been worrying. The first thing I think of is some personality disorder but then i realize not everything needs to be a diagnosis! It's feeling more like a defense and fear of loss. I also wonder if certain medication has anything to do with it. Anyway i do think i can relate on some level.
  3. Weird times. World seems like it's been ebbing for a long time. I'm ready for the flow. Hugs to any and all.
  4. @thecolorgreen, have you ever considered a medication?
  5. Hello again! Actually I've been sort of struggling with the shopping thing. Not so much shopping to feel better, but spending, even on essentials when I don't have the money. Then panic when the bill comes. I do get depression that worsens in phases. Read up on trauma and how it relates to adult functioning. Seems like you have an idea of where your troubles stem but getting free help is almost impossible. Using this site can help until you decide to get further therapy. I'm lucky in that I realized buying things made it worse so I embraced minimalism but still struggle with finances. It's a practice in self control that's not easy. Asking for help doesn't hurt. Stick around.
  6. I seem to have such a hard time navigating this site.

  7. Thank you for the response. Do side effects bother him?
  8. It certainly sounds like it. I hope you're getting some help or support after your ordeal.
  9. I feel nothing. Cannot get off the couch. Completely empty. It's why I left the DF-- I feel pointless.
  10. TopekaK

    Joy from Very Little

    This made me cry
  11. Oh I'm fine. Every once in a while you might hear a song or see a movie that reminds you, that's all.
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