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  1. It certainly sounds like it. I hope you're getting some help or support after your ordeal.
  2. I feel nothing. Cannot get off the couch. Completely empty. It's why I left the DF-- I feel pointless.
  3. TopekaK

    Joy from Very Little

    This made me cry
  4. Oh I'm fine. Every once in a while you might hear a song or see a movie that reminds you, that's all.
  5. My place is OK. And MY dream is to live in an RV! But a fairly nice one That's what Ernest Borgnine did after he retired.
  6. What's the opposite of a go-getter? 

  7. I'm sorry to hear this. It's hard to up a house if you're alone.
  8. I'm a sugarholic too. What helped was, I started to ween myself off of baked sweets by eating only vegan desserts, luna bars, and frozen yogurt, etc. cos I couldn't do cold turkey. Most markets have some good selections, but a natural food store is the best. The Alternative Baking Company makes amazing cookies. And a hot air popcorn popper! Put your own flavoring on it. Keep us posted!
  9. I didn't know about them either. I've always wanted to try it, but couldn't afford to. Hope it works out for you!
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