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  1. Going on a   l  o  n  g   train trip

  2. I do a pretty good job of doing it myself
  3. Been crying since the 4th. And, our president is playing very dangerous games. Portland, Chicago, where next?
  4. I feel like I haven't slept in weeks, although all I do is sleep.
  5. Increasing apathy. Since the pandemic I've fallen into a nice, comfortable and safe routine: Isolation
  6. "watching" Dark Shadows Really just waiting for Vegas. I do not get Dark Shadows. I tried
  7. Pina coladas getting lost in the rain. 🤣 jk I love architecture riding on amtrak almost any movie made from 68-82 trees chocolate
  8. Ezekiel english muffin. Last night i ate 4 ice cream bars, and today i was feeling it.
  9. Trying to pinpoint what stage of grief I am in.
  10. The crows in front of my place constantly bicker with no regard for the neighbors
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