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  1. Thanx for the replys, :) yeah just sucks ive been totally pushed away tbh, and doesnt wanna see or talk too me at all, shes heartless, cold and nasty towards me now, and its all over night, and the things she says and stuff just isnt the girl i remember its like shes a totally different person with me which sucks, but i cant do anything to change it i guess :( still early days maybe few weeks time she will see alot more clearly :( ?? Thanx Broken
  2. Hey all, New to forums but after some advice :( Me and Girlfriend have split up, but cant get my head around it all, We known each other for a long time, and both fell in love, everything was going great yanno, and then 3 weeks ago woke up at hers one morning she wanted to marry me one day etc. and was loved up with me things was perfect, and next day she went down hill like I mean nothing at all :( ? pushed me away totally and did her parents and friends for while, she's had a lot on lately which probably caused this all etc. she went to doctors with her mum and she has her major depression back again, and put on tablets, by the 4th day of taking them everything seemed okay went to dinner and usual stuff and she crashed again day after, been 3 weeks now, but its like she's gone from being totally in love with me to being cold. heartless, and nasty too me told me to move on and leave her alone, etc. can depression really cause someone to turn so cold, and out of love after being so close to each other ? gone from her world to nothing over night and now 3 weeks later she's heartless to me, :( - ( she did still love me at start but didn't no what she wanted, but now heartless ) any help would be great as this is tearing me apart, do I just let her go and leave her be or give her time and maybe she come talk eventfully ? :( problem I have feel like I'm going down the same route as her as this has knocked me back a lot, Thanx Broken
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