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  1. if you're uncomfortable talking to attractive girls then try building friendships with girls that aren't that good looking they can help you build confidence and who knows you might fall in love she could be the most fun person you'll ever meet in your life and try saying hi to strangers i mean i made lots of female friends this year just by saying hi that's a good way for them to notice you and you gotta start somewhere seriously try it just say hi and walk away it'll boost your confidence and who knows she might be attracted to you and also imagine if every girl you didn't have the courage to talk to could've been the one and don't think of it as a way to put more pressure but as an encouragement for you to go ahead and introduce yourself... so try to enlarge your social circle by making more friendships...the more friendships the bigger chance that one of them becomes something more!
  2. I hope you have a great day :)

    1. D13K


      thank you actually yesterday was great but today I'm just taking the day off and chilling at home :D

    2. flasquish


      Sounds good, I'm chilling at home too.

  3. sorry you feel that way...but keep writing it's a good poem and it's great that you can transfer those feelings into something useful such as poetry.
  4. i think life's back to normal again! :) :D

  5. Thank you and sorry if by any chance it offends you or anyone else, i just felt like sharing it.
  6. ok so i was feeling a little depressed and these weird images just kept flowing in my head so i just opened my laptop and wrote everything that came to mind, and i came up with this poem. don't try to decipher it's meanings because not even i know what it means but i just felt like i need to share it Soaring buildings pierce the skies Swarms of beings rush to the doors Death is the final price They’ll pay for their intolerance Of the holy and the unkind. Toxic fumes fill the streets Gutters glow with waste Blood smears the walls Of a world gone mad Frightened children cower in fear Crimson eyes and rivers of tears Fill their fragile lungs Poke their eyes out The big ones say We’ll burn them all A world infested with pests Seek salvation the liars proclaim Selling their hoax to the foolish and blind Using souls as currencies Terror is their merchandise Hell awaits those who lie Yet killers are freed of their binding tie Grey misty sky hovers over us Fiery meteors scorch the earth No one is safe these are the words on the wall While the slaves add bricks of rock Pathetic creatures that suck and f*** Their way out of a rut If this is how things are to remain No one will be left to blame. Yet at the top a blaze shimmers A last beacon of hope still stands A fallen prophet that reeks of sin Even with his imperfections It’s the best we can hope for A second shot at redemption. There’s a way out, the rat shouts If we climb high enough we’ll reach the clouds But it’s never enough and never will be.
  7. Sorry about your brother,I'm sure he's in a better place now. and as shayne said welcome to the site,this is a wonderful community filled with helpful people and I'm sure you'll find the support you need here.
  8. I've been feeling the same lately but i always try to remember all the good things that my friends and family have done for me, just because the majority of people are bad does not mean all of them are out to get you.
  9. try meeting people who share your interests,we all sound boring if we don't care about what others are talking about so try meeting people who you have common interests with,the internet's for example is a good place to start. anyways i can relate to your problems and I'm sure these forums are going to be a great place for you to meet new nice and caring people.
  10. maybe he values your friendship too much and doesn't want to ruin it or maybe he feels the same towards you but is holding back because of the religious differences, if you feel like your feelings are ruining your friendship with him you should try explaining that to him.
  11. he could be holding back because he's been where you've been,maybe he used to also love a different person that didn't reciprocate his feelings and he's afraid of commitment so he doesn't get heartbroken again. because the way i see it he obviously likes you maybe it's not love but there's definitely something between you two. i heard my friend say a phrase the other day that moved me a lot,he said it's better to have someone as a friend your whole life than to love him and lose him when love's gone. maybe you're meant to be just friends and you should cherish that friendship.
  12. i have the same exact problem but lately I've almost gotten past it just by reminding myself that I've got nothing to lose, always speak up your mind even if your words are going to be inappropriate or hurtful because even if you offend them it doesn't matter since they won't like you if you just stand there silently but in some cases by saying what's on your mind you could say something unintentionally funny or even attract someone by your honesty and most girls like guys who doesn't care what others think of them because it shows confidence.
  13. first off,congratulations on losing that extra weight. you should try to always stay positive and optimistic,I'm like you i get nervous with strangers but i think you should always try to stay confident. besides relationships aren't built on looks it's what the heart feels that matters,one of the best advices i ever got was to just be as much as nice with girls as you can,even the ones you barely know you can make someone's day by just noticing them,and try not to be shallow and don't judge them on how they look. you're very normal looking and I've seen far uglier men and women who are in healthy relationships with someone more attractive,so don't care much about how you look instead try to be as charismatic and confident as you can.
  14. i don't think you can change the username, it would be best to just make a new account.
  15. why not try studying astronomy in a college? you don't need to actually go to space to study it. there's a video game called universe sandbox i think you should check out, it has real data about real planets.
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