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  1. i'm tired but i've slept all day..i'm lonely but i shouldn't be..i'm unhappy but i should be happy now. sometimes i think i'll never be happy with life..or maybe my antidepressants have stopped working like before..just spend days wishing for them to be over..want something to make the feelings go away but i can't..have no friends so i'm sat here doing nothing on a saturday night..
  2. drunk, trying not to let the drink depression get to me
  3. i feel like i'm totally different to my family too so i know the feeling. i have wondered a lot if i was adopted or switched at birth and if i didn't look so much like my parents i would have gotten myself tested too. all i can say is you are the way you are for a reason and someone will like you for who you are even if your family don't.
  4. i feel like a weight i've been dragging around for years has been lifted, can feel more positive for now
  5. it was sunny this morning, now it is cloudy and probably going to rain
  6. terrible. just want to cry and then die
  7. i love music
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