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  1. Yes if you act confidant you will almost never be asked if you had sex or a girlfriend if your older I have talked to alot of women and have never been asked or brought it up.I don't how you keep getting into that conversation but lonelyforeigner is right just ask them out after 2 or 3 days for coffee or to go out to eat at a restaurant and be assertive about it women like when a man is assertive but make sure you consider her opinion if she doesn't like the place you suggest or make plans for, that way you can pick a place you want to eat at anyway.
  2. I have said very dirty things cyber sex stuff with someone over the internet the women was from england we would send really explict messages for almost half a year and I never had sex yet so you can be sexual and not have alot of sex . Why don't you just find out lol just go meet her
  3. lol that is my comfort zone to that and the "I don't give a ****" and "Oh god im ****ed my life is over" zone. Im unemployed single, friendless almost,broke and living with my parents and im panicking about get a job that's not . I just know I can find a career if I keep looking and. if I don't lose hope but still like I should be more stressed than I am i got my last pay check on Saturday and I saved up most of my money while I was working so im ok for a few months, I know most people would call me a loser I don't feel like one though and im at peace with being alone for now. I could do so much if I get my footing in life. I guess tomorrow is another day to do applications. I hope everyone has the best of luck this week and can get some satisfaction out of life.
  4. Yeah I can understand why, that is a nasty thing to say to you especially when she doesn't know you well.
  5. Lol talk smack back to her to show your dominate don't ask her if she cares about your height just act like your height doesn't matter always act like you know what your doing even if you don't lol
  6. No its not know it pays over 15 an hour and you get paid 100 when your called to work would be perdiem I know some of the people who worked there were in medical school. Yeah your right it should open doors Im getting desperate though im wiling to take any job that is remotely in a field I want to work in to get some type of experience.
  7. I got fired from my minimum wage job, so now im unemployed i had a job interview the day after I got fired it said It was going to be a histology assistant when i went they said it was to help the pathologist in the morgue of the hospital by cutting open the bodies by and taking out all the organs i was shocked when she told m I would need to saw the heads open and take out the brains I said I would do it but don't know how I will react to it the first time I see a autopsy part of me is really interested in seeing all the organs and helping the pathologist determine the cause of death for the sheriff the other part of me is disgusted i honestly hope I get the job, I really need to get some kind of professional experience no matter what it is. I also got a new therapist, that is very good who does emdr and he seems like he is helping me alot so far
  8. Im an atheist and don't fear death I figure its just like the universe recycling its self all you lose is your memory but your body and conscious will always be part of life it will just be recycled into another life form literally, as you are composed of the universe and are part of it like a cog in a elegant machine you may break down and rust but you will end up back into the elegant machine of the universe serving your role and purpose. The self is a illusion so it can't be destroyed if your not religious I would look up Taoism, eastern philosophy and mediation maybe that would help put your mind at rest. The fear of not existing is not rational because you are part of everything around you and everything is part of you, all that can be lost are your memories.
  9. im so sorry that happened, even though you didn't know him well it sounds devastating especially to your mother. I agree with your advice to members here to not give up, depression messes with your mind and can lead even the strongest will person to believe things that are hopeless, it is not true though it is just distortion from the illness.
  10. I would not classify myself as forever alone as I know I would have been with someone one if I lowered my standards or changed my behavior im single don't have any friends but still will never lower my standards for either I would rather die alone than go with someone I don't like or don't find attractive just so im not alone, same thing with friends. The thing that urks me is people who have active social lifes lots of friends they don't even like partners they hate act,like there superior to me when really they just surround themselves with a bunch of s***ty people they don't like out of social obligation. I live my life and people either like me or they don't no games if I see a women I ask her out and don't think of it beyond that I use to sit here and get upset over the fact that people got more attention than me or fawn over women I didn't even know at all that is stupid to do though never think your in love with someone you don't know love at first site is bs. I would have just asked her even if you thought she was outta of your league,live your life like in your own league not other peoples. I asked a women out I found attractive in the library at my university drop dead gorgeous I didn't care though and got rejected I will never regret it because at least I tried if people don't like me its there loss, no more worrying for me anymore or walking on eggshells seeking approval from others
  11. Well that works out for her, but not good advice for you i would just not even think about if its casual or serious next time just meet the next women you want to pursue a relationship with as soon as possible and if that doesn't work out just move on to the next one, don't look back, don't beat yourself up about it Forget and move on if you can. Or thats what I do woman either accept you for who you are and like you or they play these stupid games where they make you feel like you have to impress them.
  12. god could always just be a d**k I remember reading in philosophy that there was a religious theory that only the devil existed and the bible was inspired by the devil to mess with people and he just sends everyone to hell but the religious believers get the worst of it for being guilible. That makes more sense to me than the depiction of god being this hippy who wants world peace. I always viewed him as like a kid that burns ants with a magnifying glass out of sadism.
  13. I have this feeling to all the time its one of the main reason I started going to therapy. I think its because my father was so abusive towards me growing up that I internalized that im unlovable/likable. Maybe something simlar happened to you in your past . I know for a fact people like me they tell me, follow me around think im funny and likable I am on most peoples good side have never been bullied outside my family. Yet I think everyone always hates me no matter what they say, my therapists told me I have extreme paranoia I use to think when people were talking to each other they were talking behind my back or trying to undermine me. I know the key to my problems are internal I feel like i must be guilty or my parents would have not been abusive to me when i was younger, my therapist told me to tell myself im redeemed, that im a good person and repeat it as a mantra maybe that would help you to
  14. doh! you shot your self in the foot, just go anyway don't say that to women especially if you didn't even go on a date yet.
  15. Getting ready to get fired from my job its guaranteed because of the money that I lost. Oh well I have an interview for a real job this week. I really don't care anymore my life is like a pile of garbage and now it just caught fire.
  16. Try being sarcastic and teasing women when I was doing that in college I had girls hitting on me and I got into alot of drama though as all the girls had boyfriends I got into a fight with one of them because she was jealous of the other girl I was flirting with, while I was volunteering with them she took my phone and told me to call that wh ore all ready, than we were passive aggressive towards each other until I snapped and told her I didn't like her because her personality sucked and thought she was evil then she told me she was gonna shank me lol, When she kept trying to get under my skin and asked me if she was making me angry and that started the argument . If I wasn't going to school full time, working full time and living at home I can guarantee i would not be single now or would of had my fair share of flings. Not that I would be any happier now as I probably would have ended up in a screwed up dysfunctional relationship like my parents. I tease and im sarcastic with a girl at work that I don't really find that physically attractive and she randomly plays with my hair and comes over massages my shoulders lol. That might help get women attracted to you might not be the right ones though.
  17. Thats true, what urks we is the people who own everything the 1% tell you how there going to tear you a new one, than society goes ok lets bend over and take it with a smile on. If people gave half a about anything outside there small sphere of influence we could live in a god dam utopia. People don't care about the truth, only if the other person thinks there right and smarter then them, people are repulsed by facts. I take my time to read primary sources and explain my position to people, why I believe what I do and how it would be mutually beneficial to society etc. People just bark out there prejudices and the opinions of news pundits family members without even investigating if what is being said is true or not.
  18. Lol I was just watching castaway the other day and thinking the same thing maybe we overate people on here.
  19. Im done with people I wish I could go move into the woods and become a hermit im so sick of the stupidity of humanity, im sure the usa is going to pull out of the Paris climate treaty, it made me enraged and ill at work. People will complain they have no health care, no money, droughts, they don't have jobs the economy sucks, to many kids etc, overpopulation. I don't care anymore im starting to find it funny how people are so lazy ignorant and stupid they have the solutions to there problems but ignore it and do the opposite. I should go live in the mountains and come down every couple of years to laugh at everyone's stupidity.
  20. I feel like im going to snap and have a mental breakdown any moment now, any day its coming creeping up on me, im going to a new doctor june 8th get reevaluated by a therapist, i can see my appointment already Me:hey doc how are you doc:Good and you Me: im ok I just feel like throwing myself off a building. Doc: So are you suicidal Me: Why yes i am i hate my life Doc: So would you say your depressed (Pulls out checklist) me: yeah I think you could put it that way. Doc: so how are your relationships with other people Me: Hostile and nonexistent Doc:Why Me:You tell me, I think im likable....but apparently im not. Doc: "hallmark response" Me: well thanks doc how nice of you to say that. Doc: you ever feel angry Me: yeah I always feel like im gonna snap allday alot of jealously resentment bitterness. Doc: Ever have alot of energy sometimes Me: yeah I once drank 20 beers at a party stayed up for three days while working,going to school fulltime and vouteering. Doc: Its says your bipolar and have borderline personality disorder Me: ARE YOU SAYING IM AN a******!! doc: Do you want therapy Me: Sure I love therapy, meds to please Doc: Ok sure. Me: i'll be back next week, then we can talk about my past.
  21. i think its ok I have really strong opinions im a atheist vegetarian, very liberal and im ok with people holding different political opinions from me as long as they can handle that im going to disagree them without going into personal attacks. Your friend seems ok to me. Its good to be exposed to different opinions it is the only way we can form are own. I find the only people who I have problems with are those that can't deal with potentially being wrong or backing up what there saying with facts and data. I was in debate club in high school and would practice arguing in favor of views I disagreed with to understand other points of view even if I think there completely utterly wrong lol I think the main goal of society should be to progress society cast off views that are holding society, back nationalism religion, while progressing technology and living standards and eroding divisions in cultures between nations I guess my ideal would be a star trek like society, where the goal is to benefit humanity and achieve world peace.
  22. Im getting so sick of people arguing with me about that im an atheist people just really need to get over it especially my parents and my family. I have told them I don't believe in anything supernatural then they try to debate with me and act like im attacking them when i defend myself i just go to bad I don't believe in it that my opinion and im entitled to it be an adult and learn that people have different beliefs then you, with politics to I said at work I don't think the Iraq war did anything to prevent terrorism as none of the hijackers or people who perpetuated terrorist attacks were from Iraq or Iran and most terrorist are from Saudi Arabia. I said if it is was really about terrorism and people rights why don't we have sanctions on Saudi Arabia and give them money when they fund all this extremist groups and why did the CIA and the american government fought against secular governments in the middle east since worldwar two. They don't know where the countries are on a map there history, then they were like hurr durr to stop terrorism I said no matter how many bombs we drop there will probably be just as many terrorist attacks a hundred years from now I mean it seems pretty simple to understand, the only way to stop terrorist attacks would to take away all are freedoms and live in the police state and I don't want to do that, and neither does anyone else. Im so sick of people getting upset at you when they start debating me and lose when im wrong I admit it and just change what i think people get so emotionally charged over everything so easy.
  23. I have destroyed my relationships with my mother, my father, my sister, Im a horrible person and im probably going to end up being homeless one day or dying alone as a angry hermit. i really do not like myself tonight.
  24. you have it in you, now you just need to take action! I believe in you.
  25. Upset with myself and frustrated with the life I made for myself. Im so bad everyone is doing better off in life than me, I can never be successful like everyone else im a joke 26 single living with my parents making minimum wage with lots of debt. I have nothing and want everyone out of my life who knows that im a failure.
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