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  1. Hey, SG, tried to PM you, but couldn't. I just wanted to say thanks for your posts. I was so relieved to see you've studied gender issues a bit, too. So have I, and it's especially hard dealing with this kind of ignorant B.S. on a support forum, knowing what I know from my studies.

    My PTSD is triggered big time, so I might stay away for a bit. The whole subject is making me sick. I can't understand the way some people think -- or rationalize away what they don't want to think of.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. :) It really meant more than I can say, especially coming from a man. I know you're not all bad, though the bad ones would like everyone to think that in our culture, so they can be as bad as they like and make the good ones (and women) feel like sh!t. Kudos for telling it like it is and not backing down.


    1. verDominai


      >for not wanting to generalize a bunch of people as being scum
      >and women who make their own choices as being talentless


      ...I mean, I'm assuming you meant me, Duck and that other guy who didn't like the generalization? Didn't see anyone else taking issue with the generalization. Unless something went right over my head. :P

    2. verDominai


      I think you may have misunderstood, no one was condoning anything shady. As far as I could tell anyway. Breathe and try to relax, I know how awful PTSD attacks can be.

    3. scienceguy


      No i didn,t mean you guys,im not bothered by disagree I mean when that frequent those places and harass women or support there business.

      Skylark I will check for your message you should be able to pm I might have to delete some of the messages in my mail box 

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