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  1. Tell Them Off Here

    Happy thanksgiving Dad you can kiss my ass, your a know nothing dumb ass homer simpson look alike
  2. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Im very frustrated that I have gotten called to do any job interviews in over 2 weeks. Feeling very sad and lonely I watched a documentary about the elephant man it was a guy in England who suffered from a unknown disease. He was horribly disfigured people saw him as a monster his whole life and he died at 27 alone in the basement of a hospital he was kept in. It just destroyed my mood and reminded me how alone I am in the world to.
  3. I'll never have a real job/career

    Are you getting interviews I can always find jobs that my degree is useful in i get a decent amount of interviews what I do everyday is right down a list of companies and job websites than I go thru it everyday for an hour and apply to every new position that pops up that day. I have multiple cover letters I use and different resumes so I can breeze thru them all I live in NJ where there is a big pharmaceutical industry, medical jobs and alot of scientific research. Are new governor is likely to legalize recreational ganji, I saw a few jobs that were looking for people with degrees in biology to test and grow product. I also have applied to be a tour guide and look for environmental jobs. agriculture etc. I just applied to a job to be an environmental scientist today I just wrote down a bunch of search terms from indeed to use. I would have normally thought I wasn't qualified for that kind of position if I did not research it . Good luck Chubbybunny89 I hope you find something soon.
  4. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Very bored getting depressed again,still trying to get my life on track. I have alot of hopeless thoughts that are growing louder and louder in my head, overpowering the rational hopeful thoughts. I know there not true and im not doomed but I just can't shake the feeling that my life is hopeless even though I know for a fact that im distorting reality.
  5. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    I can relate to that when I use to have really bad depressive episodes I would get like that where nothing could get me out of it but time I would just ride out the mood like a bad storm. you could always tell people you are sick today and just to try ride it out till it gets better. If my mood gets so bad I can't think of anything positive or find joy in anything I usually just start writing poems or add to my horror book. I find watching horror movies help as it jolts me out of my depression because I fear for the characters and it distracts me from my problems temporarily its almost Halloween so there should be tons of good horror movies you could get sucked into while you wait for the mood to pass.
  6. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Im freaking out the president just amended a executive order that authorities him to recall all the military even if there retired in preparation for war or terrorism that bush used after 911. Im very worried we are going to declare war on north Korea
  7. You really shouldn't be objectifying people and be so focused on looks that is probably the least important factor when looking for a partner honestly that is one of the dumbest reasons to choose to pick someone to date. Nobody is a leftover just because a women has kids or doesn't have money doesn't mean there not worth getting close to. I went on two dates with two different women with blonde hair one was gorgeous had a perfect body and was a fitness trainer, I went with her for a walk around the park all she did was talk about her self for an hour almost I was the one asking the questions leading the conversations my sister was friends with her sister and she tried to get married to multiple men told me she didn't want to work that much took no interest in what she was studying had no passion for anything. The other girl I meet online had a pretty face but was about 30 pounds overweight but she was way more passionate about what she wanted to do in life, she had a bunch of interests she talked to me about she wasn't making that much money but would just gush about all the things she wanted to learn about physics, she was a painter and drew beautiful works of art loved animals and participated in extreme sports. Now which one do you think was the better date? which one would I of had a more fulfilling relationship with if it worked out. I did not bring much to the table that is why I focused on getting a career started that I have passion for about and living on my own finishing school and dealing with my depression my advice would be to focus on other qualities before looks and its alot easier to get happiness from your self then other people.
  8. I wouldn't even go to college then, I don't know why they have online degrees it is not the same as trade school you won't just get a job because you put in the time to get the degree if its not something your really interested in and plan to do for the rest of your life it will be a waste of money. Part of college is working in groups of people doing presentations in front of classmates having debates asking the teacher questions engaging with your class mates. If your going to college just for the money, its not worth it in my opinion.
  9. Has Depression Made You Look Older?

    Yes indirectly though I binge drank alot when I lived by myself to manage my depression im pretty sure it aged my face
  10. I kinda have the same outlook accept I don't see it as nihilism more like accepting that I am part of the universe and that is all I need I don't really understand why people need a deeper meaning look at how amazing life is and all the things that happen everyday look at how complex the body is the mind space ecology weather patterns there is so much around you to discover people are made from everything in the universe they come from it and go back into it when they die life is a cycle of constant change, from life to death, hot to cold, suffering to happiness.Nothing is ever lost it just changes form. I use to read alot of philsophy and one day i just thought to myself this is all bs and just a play on words none of the concepts demonstrate anything it doesn't really change anything if we have freewill or not if the universe is material or immaterial if there is a grand meaning to everything. I like to do a thought experience with myself what would be the difference of a meaningless universe and one with meaning i really just end up imagining it being the same way either way. I feel like people are way to dramatic there doesn't need to be a complex reason to things for life to be meaningful or worth living.
  11. Let the dog upstairs lol why dont you hang out with them to get out of the house if you have a smart phone you could use that to go online or see if you can move the computer upstairs. I can understand how difficult it can be if your really depressed though. How long do you think they'll stay?
  12. Tell Them Off Here

    Im sick of Trump the Man's a POS i read his twitter this morning and he was attacking Puerto Rico saying he was going to withdraw fema because its costing to much money he would rather spend it helping Saudi Arabia bomb civilians in Yemen, going on his weekly vacation prepping for a war with North Korea, robbing the poor to give to the rich. Continuing his war on science and his war on the environment. He whines like a Biotch every morning about people picking on him or football players kneeling instead of doing anything constructive.
  13. I need to vent

    Thank you I got two more rejections one I was sure I was going to get, I feel like my soul has been shattered into piece's, I have felt more depressed then I have every felt in the last two years I started feeling hopeless again like before I started having my bipolar treated. I reapplied at the same hospital again by my house hoping that it shows them how motivated to work there I feel like my life is on hold. Yeah I make sure to never disclose my mental disorder or report I have a disability i always check no on the box that asks and I know they can't get my mental health records by law so there is no way they should be able to find out. The competition is brutal on both interviews I went on there were over 10 people on the sign in sheets that interviewed on the same day as me.
  14. Tell Them Off Here

    The hospital I interviewed at for the second time for a second position will hire because I will apply again and again until they give me a chance. **** people who tell me to change my career path because im not making the amount of progress they expect me to, I would rather die on the street starving to death or end myself then give up on my goals and ambitions to work just for the money I would rather be homeless working for free at a job I enjoy then one I hate for alot of money. **** the people who try to bring me down or think im an idealist, that im not realistic. I can be as insane as I want to be it's my life I accept myself and my ambitions. we
  15. I need to vent

    Yeah your case is identical to mine! I don't know if its possible for employers to find out im dx bipolar I never disclose it to anyone on paper and only my family knows so I don't know if thats a possibility. Did you enjoy what you studied if you did it wasn't a waste that's what I tell myself when I pay my loans im almost 27 and it's driving me nuts that I didn't accomplish anything I wanted to do besides graduate from college. I can't believe im 26 already I don't feel like im almost 30 *** happened to me how did I **** up so bad. I had two more interviews since I last posted one at the same hospital for a patient transport aide and one for a lab tech so hopefully that works out im so sick of turning out application everyday and going on interviews getting my hopes up.