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  1. It would certainly help me my therapist agreed with me that almost 90% of my problems would go away, I was driving my car on empty with not a dollar in my account or a piece of food in my fridge yesterday I have to go over my parents house just to get food. I despise going there and would rather be on the street then live with them I have a degree that hasn't helped me get a job yet 20,000 debt in loans a couple thousand in credit card debt, medical bills from when I was sent to outpatient when I said I was suicidal I have been single most of my life have no friends anymore because I have barely have money to leave my house I eat pasta for 0.79$ most of the week I spend more money on my cat to eat then myself. I pretty much just apply for jobs play ps4 games I got with gift cards for my birthday, and watch tv in my condo. I had a dream I found 10 dollars in my pants pocket I woke up so happy then disappointed when I came to the realization it was a dream. I would be ecstatic if I found another job it would be like winning the lottery.
  2. scienceguy

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I hear you I just came home from work to say the same thing I hate some of the managers at my job and customers I sometimes go in to work shaking with rage knowing im underpaid doing a pos dead end job. I have to hide my anger to deal with everyone and feel like a robot all day. People gossip like their in ****ing high school I always assume they are talking about me because of my paranoia and hate seeing them at the end of the store talking and whispering to each other like children. I hate my life I have nothing nice to say anymore so I keep to myself most of the time, otherwise im just bitching and complaining or I pretend like im listening to people and try to act like I care. It takes so much work for me to just put on the act of a normal mentally healthy human being.
  3. scienceguy


    It's ok I understand your frustration and disappointment with people.
  4. scienceguy


    That is what I do now, no more going out of my way to impress people or faking interest in people who don't give a shit about me hoping that they'll give me a chance, I am the one who gives people a chance now, people think im weird people think im not cool my life uninteresting im a loser for the position I landed myself that I have no friends im not close to my family well they can all **** off I go about my life say what ever the hell I want If im the only one who likes me so be it I am great!
  5. scienceguy


    The human race only exists because of how good we are at surviving we killed most other hominids and other species nature is inherently violent, human nature is evil most people are dangerous predators that haven't gotten past their natural instincts to dominate and destroy. History is filled with genocides, war, dictatorships on every continent people have to make a conscious effort to be good most people are to lazy or don't care so they just do the bare minimum so they don't go to prison and pretend they have morals to look good and make their lifes easier.
  6. scienceguy

    I Hate Myself

    Prostitutes are for scum bags that want to support human trafficking you don't need to go that route
  7. scienceguy

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    My day wasn't bad today I got a job at the Huntington learning center as a Science Tutor it is only 2-10 hours a week so I have to keep my shitty grocery store Job. I have another interview next week so maybe I can get that job to. I feel so depressed tonight despite that getting the job I wanted. Now im just waiting for my trazdone to kick in so I can go to bed.
  8. scienceguy

    I Hate Myself

    I feel you im 28 and a virgin except I have no friends my therapist thinks I might have ptsd I don't get along with anybody I feel alot of anger jealousy and rage that makes me unable to maintain any relationships with anyone. All my money goes towards my bills and I live on under 40 dollars a week for gas and food. I just survive day to day looking for another job so I have more money. Idon't even think about dating anymore I have no money to do anything and my future seems very dark so I can relate to your feeling of hopelessness. I feel bad talking to people because I make them depressed if I talk about my life so I tend to avoid complaining at all as it has gotten me nowhere. You have people that care about you suicide is a permanent solution to a problem that can be fixed. Do you have a good Job disposable income if not I would just use online dating or pursue a hobby that you can meet like minded women talk to them for a bit then ask them out it's worth doing even if you get reject making progress in your life is the best way to build self confidence do things even if you fear them or you think you will fail.
  9. scienceguy

    Social Isolation

    I would say just not to reject opportunities if they present themselves to meet with a person at a place you want to be otherwise forget about it and focus on improving yourself getting more money, pursuing more hobbies, learning new things, express your opinions with no fear of social rejection see your self as a free man to create your own destiny it is to become who you want to be and meeting people along the way while you achieve your goals then to become who you think people want you to be, I feel very little loneliness at this point in my life even though at this point in my life im technically more alone than any other time. I actually like the freedom of being able to talk to people with no expectations of a relationship or friendship forming I can move from group to group learning about different people having different conversations but never being tied down to any expectations or commitments.
  10. scienceguy

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Im pissed off and fed up of my life, it sucks in almost everyway possible, not only that but Its like im stuck in quick sand I have tried so hard to improve my living circumstances but fail everytime way more than any one else I know I have to be the biggest failure in the world. some people fail because they don't even try, but I fail because I **** up everything I do no matter how hard I try to get better at things I screw them up. No matter how much advice I follow or things I try my life just contentiously gets worse never better, im 28 now I dread thinking about how much worse it will get in the future. It seems like I have no future to look forward to just misery.
  11. scienceguy

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Thank you I don't feel like many people at hear me or care about my well being, and being rejected after job interviews sends me into a rage everytime.
  12. scienceguy

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Im very ****ing depressed and angry I despise my life with every ounce of my being if I had a easy way to **** myself I probably would have done it tonight, my life is a blackhole that never gets better I told my coworkers I would rather have one of my limbs amputated with no anesthesia then have to go back to work tomorrow. I am ****ed buried in debt no one gives a shit about me **** the employers not hiring me I honestly am so mad I would be happy to see their companies go out of business im such a shitty spiteful person. Nothing gets better it always gets worse. I don't want to talk or see anyone I have nothing nice to say or be happy about so I am trying to keep my mouth shut around everyone now. I have to get up for work tomorrow and act like im still sane. I just wish I could run away sadly their is no escape from any of my problems right now.
  13. scienceguy

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Got my rejection after another job interview honestly it feels ****ing pointless,Im almost 28 and this ****ing bulls*** is holding back my whole life I went to college had volunteer experience office experience, *** I have barely enough money for food I have over 25,000$ in debt. I have been on over 30 interviews by now since graduating two years ago went to tons of temp agencies, interview practice, I have a headhunter applying for jobs for me I am held back by everyone else's opinions of me I try to be as positive kind and upbeat as I can, I read about the companies before I go have a list of questions that I pick from to ask at the end I have an answered prepared for every question I check with career councilors to make sure im giving good answers it all feels pointless I am screwed im going to end up homeless if this continues in the future, with people giving me s***ty advice like im an ***** and judging me. Arggh im so Frustrated I feel like kicking a whole in my wall!
  14. scienceguy

    How Do You Feel Right Now? #7

    I feel Sad I haven't been on here for almost a year because my medications and new therapist have been working, I hate my s***ty grocery store job I had a interview for a production assistant at a microbiology lab that went well. I hate working in the same s***ty jobs I was before college and in my early 20's im sick of being around people who aren't intellectually curious about anything, im lonely but I find most people so boring, naive, bland, cruel, and simple minded that trying to form relationships with anyone feels like a chore. I am thankful im single and friendless I would be suicidal if I was socially obligated to communicate with any of my coworkers or most people I talk to in public at my job and when I go out. Does that make me a Narcissist? I don't think I care about any of my family members besides my siblings either. I feel so old to be working in these stupid s***ty jobs still and find 95% of people barely tolerable does that make me depressed or a a******.
  15. I wouldn't have gone after you felt like he was ignoring you why should you pretend to give a crap about someone who ignores you. You don't have to go if you don't care that they are getting married why should you care if they never care about what you are doing. Society is filled with so much superficial BS they'll probably end up divorced anyway.