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  1. I love going to the gym on my spare time i find that it helps release stress and i feel a lot fresher through out the day
  2. Thanks you for replying Garycoyote i am looking forward to meeting new people on this forum and even contributing where i can!
  3. what a great read! very motivating thank you for sharing you story your strong will really motivates me and i wish the happiness to you for the rest of your life
  4. Hey Yaallll My name is Shauna i am 31 years old. I recently got divorced, lost my job, and lost a few close friends. I was feeling lost and useless but i started looking online for help. i wanted to know if there were others like me. i am tired of feeling lonely and useful. i decided to join this forum and some other communitys to make new friends and start new relationships. I have been suffering from depression my whole life and i am always been interested in finding ways to get rid of it for once and for all! I am slowing getting my life together and i am looking for some positive in my life, decided to join this forum to see if i can help or be the motivation for someone. No one is alone this world Thanks xox
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