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  1. Hey Rose, I'm kinda shy about posting on the forums these days but welcome. If you want to talk about your problems or just have chat feel free to message me. I'm 26 and I can understand what you are feeling partially, I recently graduated yet I feel down a lot of the time. Anyway, hope you are doing well and send me a message sometime :)
  2. I hope you have a great day :)

  3. I always wanted to be a train conductor when I was a kid, sometimes I still do. Maybee after I finish my education I can still become one if I still have no clue what to do with my life.
  4. I wish I could not idealize her so much but I have no idea how to do that. I try to think of negative things about her but that doesn't help. I have no clue on how to see her as less awesome. Does anyone have experience with this and how did you deal with it?
  5. I think you are completely right actually and the horrible thing is I realize that I picture her in my mind like some kind of angel yet I can't stop feeling that way. I guess love is also about seeing past someone's faults beyond reason so I guess I could still call it love but I agree with you that it isn't very realistic. I try to think about all the negative things about her yet its hard to stop loving her. Today has been a better day for me. Yesterday I has such a horrible day that today isn't that bad at all in comparison so I can't complain, just hope I can hold on to this feeling. I just want to stop thinking about her at all, I wish I could erase my memory and completely remove her from my mind.
  6. Thank you Kabuto, luckily i'm in a different class but I she goes to the same school so I can run into her and that scares me. Also finding another gym isn't a option either and not going isn't either because the gym is the only thing making me feel good lately. Will try to hold on and not give up but its hard when it keeps hurting so much.
  7. Thank you for your support, I tried it but I find it hard to talk to my brain like that because I have trouble believing it. I have a lot of trouble accepting myself which makes it hard to be say nice things to myself. I don't know how much more time I have left, it keeps hurting so much. Valentine's coming up isn't helping either, don't know how to handle tomorrow.
  8. Hello everyone, I have been around for a while now but not very active lately on the forum. Have been struggling because i'm not feeling much better and i'm not sure how to handle it. In short I fell in love with a girl without ever being on a date with her just by talking with her for months and planning a date. She suddenly tells me she doesn't like me anymore and breaks my heart. Its the first time I have been in love so it hurts a lot and combined with my depression and low self esteem I have a hard time. I had hoped my feeling would become less by time and I would be able to get back on track after a while. Yet here I am still feeling horrible and unsure about how to continue. A big problem is she goes to the same school and gym as me so it is impossible for me to not see her. She is even pretty nice to me when I see her and that makes it even harder. Today after she left the gym, I actually cried in the gym. Luckily I know the gym instructor so helped me out a little but its just horrible. I have no clue about what to do anymore. I want these feelings to go away because it just to much but I don't seem to be able to get away from her. I spend all day at school and the gym scared of seeing her. I have been time I should give it even more time but i'm not sure if I can take much more.
  9. I hope you have a fabulous day : )

  10. Welcome image, I'm sorry you are feeling this way right now. I hope the forums and all the great people here can help you fill a little bit better and give you some happiness. A lot of struggle with the same problems so don't be afraid to ask for help by making a topic here on the forum. If it would help you I would love to talk to you so send me a personal message if you think just talking about it could help a bit or just if I can help you with anything.
  11. From the books I was reading, Malazan book of the fallen.
  12. Welcome Abby, hope the forum can make you feel a little better. If you ever need help lets us know and I think everyone would be more then willing to help you out.
  13. Virtual hugs coming your way! Thank you buddy
  14. Had a decent day, I still feel sad but not really depressed. Wish I had someone to hug in my life.
  15. Don't know if this helps anyone but I struggled with getting in the morning for a long time. Because of my depression I didn't get out of bed all day so I slept terrible and woke up depressed and tired and didn't get up till noon. I still struggle getting up in the morning because i'm tired but because the worst of my depression is behind me I do a little better. What helped me most during my depression was actually really simple. My doctor told me to get up in the morning, walk to a local store, buy a newspaper and eat breakfast and read it. So what I think helps the most for getting out of bed is a reason to get out of bed and do something. It doesn't have to be big. Think of something that could work for you, if you have a dog or something you can walk that would be great of course but maybe just having a walk outside can be enough. Or having breakfast or going out to the store to buy some stuff. Before you go to bed try and think of a reason to get out of bed in the morning and do it! And keep doing it everyday and eventually it will get better. It won't be easy and it won't be fun but in the end you will be glad you did it. This worked for me and I hope it can work for some of you as well. Don't give up and try to find what works for you. Start the day and try and keep yourself busy and try only to get sleep at night so you get back to a "normal" rhythm.
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