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  1. Sorry to hear you're down Marie, It's ok to go through the emotions, just make sure and keep sticking around. We need and would miss you.
  2. Meds and coffee. My trusty energy booster !
  3. Unbearably hot......the past week has been the hottest of the season where I live. It's still upper 80's with humidity in the mornings.
  4. It's Sunday, which means I feel both good and have the Sunday blues because I have to work tomorrow. I'm glad I have 2 three day weekends coming up. A real vacation would be golden as well.....sigh.
  5. Just let it out, scream to the top of your lungs. I do this regularly.
  6. At home resting, very glad it's the weekend.
  7. Thankful the work week is almost done, ready for the WEEKEND!!!!
  8. Sleepy this morning, but well overall.
  9. I couldn't live without coffee EP, weak or strong.
  10. Chicken wings naked ( no breading )
  11. Steak breakfast bowl, meds, coffee
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