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  1. Laundry, cleaning the house, texting my beau back and forth.
  2. I feel GREAT!!!! Already through the start up phase of restarting my meds. Back to calm, anxiety free days soon.
  3. ;-)

    1. 20YearsandCounting


      ;-P back atcha, Spock! Have a good day!

  4. Rain, been a very rainy year, but I'm not complaining. We didn't have summer fires this year.
  5. Pretty good, took off work today for Labor Day. I usually get stuck working all of the holidays, not this year!
  6. Woke up with a lot of energy this morning, hope this is something that will happen every day!
  7. Purty good.......took today off from work to rest.
  8. Not bad, but I really don't like Mondays
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