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  1. I intend to just have a good day, that's enough
  2. Feeling good, up early to go for an oil change on my car. Off work today for my B-day ( 45th ) can't believe how the years have flown by. I'm going to be " present " for the rest of them.
  3. I'm fine Brian, just decided to get back on meds to quite my mind a little bit.
  4. Had a pretty good day with my brother and his girls.
  5. It's similar to quitting smokes. Don't tell yourself you're quitting or that you quit. Just tell yourself you're not drinking today, and let it go from there to other days. You will be successful JD.
  6. Still feeling pretty good, already getting that calming feeling from Sertraline.
  7. I intend to keep the same good attitude I woke up with for the entire day.
  8. Proud of finally meeting my weight goals. I did it by quitting all the unnecessary crunching, boy that was really hard.
  9. Sigh.......rain for the whole weekend. We have had our fair share this year. Still wish California could have had some.
  10. In a good mood, stabalizing on my meds after getting back on them.
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