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  1. Hey  Babe!!! Haven't been around much lately, busy life, getting married at the end of July. How are you and your family? Well I hope. It's storm season, hope you're on the lookout. Not much else going on in my life, except that I'm the very happy. Hope to chat with you soon.





    1. 20YearsandCounting


      Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!  :smilingteeth::smilingteeth::smilingteeth:   :hugs:

      He'd better treat you right, is all I'm sayin'!!!  Congrats!!

      We just got a vehicle for the first time since November of last year, just in time for tornado chasing, LOL!!

      Glad you're in good times!!  You deserve lots of those!!


  2. Purty good, been feeling great as of late. Hope all of my peeps here are as well. Off to the club!!!
  3. Been feeling very well these days ( thank you Welloft )
  4. Try and hang in there. The side effects can be uncomfortable and a little scary if this is your first time taking these types of meds. I remember feeling out of it in the beginning and also had diarrhea, but it didn't last too long. Try and be patient, but if you just can't tolerate the side effects, check back in with your doctor.
  5. Howdy, welcome to the forums. This medication does take some time. It's different for everyone, but usually ,within 4 to 6 weeks, you should be able to tell if it's for you. I've been on Zoloft on and off for a couple of years for anxiety, and it works very well for me. I've finally figured out that 100mg is the dose that works best for me ( along with 300mg Wellbutrin to keep me from smoking. ) The best advice regarding taking these types of meds is to be patient. They take time, and you have to give them time to make sure they are for you.
  6. Howdy, If I were you, I'd give it a couple more weeks to see if this is the right dose for you. When I started taking Wellbutrin, I took 150mg for 4 weeks before I decided to go to 300mg, which is the correct dose for me. These meds do take some time for each of us, and the timing is different. If possible, be patient, patience is the best thing you can do when taking these medications. Best of luck.
  7. I've been feeling pretty well as of late. Don't recognize the people online here, but I know my peeps are there somewhere, love ya all.
  8. I do think it's possible. For myself, inner strength makes it possible, with a side of " p***** off " . Emotionally, it's sometimes easier to give in, but when you're mad, your inner strength overcomes weaknesses. (not always, but it is possible to make your destiny a reality, we make the choice to be in control.
  9. Awake, emotionally well, and glad it's the weekend....
  10. Hard to say, but I was very surprised about the skin changes because I normally don't have side effects or reactions to these type of meds. But it did happen with the Buproprion. I also was very itchy, bad enough that I had to take Benadryl, during the time I was adjusting. Use very mild cleansers, but if it gets worse, you may need to see a dermatologist. Good luck, hope you start to settle and find relief with this medication.
  11. Yes, I've gone up and down in my doses of both of my medications ( all with my doctor's approval ). Rather than worry about what dose your on, work with your doctor to get you on the dose that makes you feel best.
  12. I broke out all over my chest and back in what looked like zits when I first started taking Buproprion. For me, it took about a month for it to clear up and my skin has been fine every since.
  13. On and off for a little over 2 years ( back on for now )
  14. Howdy PM!! Haven't been on here for awhile. Sorry to hear about your struggle, but you will be fine. Maybe once the snow melts, it's time for you to visit some of those awesome temples in your area.
  15. Sertraline and Buproprion - Welloft. Back on it and staying on it for a good while again.
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