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  1. Hey  Babe!!! Haven't been around much lately, busy life, getting married at the end of July. How are you and your family? Well I hope. It's storm season, hope you're on the lookout. Not much else going on in my life, except that I'm the very happy. Hope to chat with you soon.





    1. 20YearsandCounting


      Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!  :smilingteeth::smilingteeth::smilingteeth:   :hugs:

      He'd better treat you right, is all I'm sayin'!!!  Congrats!!

      We just got a vehicle for the first time since November of last year, just in time for tornado chasing, LOL!!

      Glad you're in good times!!  You deserve lots of those!!


  2. ;-)

    1. 20YearsandCounting


      ;-P back atcha, Spock! Have a good day!

  3. Until Next Time.........

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    2. flasquish


      Thanks babe

    3. jdhoward


      I'm glad to hear it you deserve someone who will treat you right and make you happy

    4. Dolphin2013


      it's good to see you and I hope all is well with you and your beloved.

  4. Happy Holidays my electronic family!

  5. Happy with life these days.....

  6. Back on the market and actually enjoying myself :)

    1. 20YearsandCounting


      I'm glad...you deserve to enjoy yourself!

    2. flasquish


      I'm really having fun, I just have to make sure I don't mix up the names!

  7. Still stable like a Vulcan!

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    2. flasquish


      Thanks Hocico, it's great to see you on the boards, this is a great place to let off steam. Push ups are the worst, I have a skinny teenage body still with no strength. Hopefully I can keep working out but my back is really bad and I have to be careful. Thanks for the well wishes for my guy, I'm getting really nervous with all of the unrest in the Middle East, I'm really fed up with this whole situation. See you on the boards !

    3. hocico


      You are most welcome, I do enjoy reading your posts when I get the time to be on here. I also have a rather skinny body,

      I am unable to gain weight no matter how much I eat due to my crohns. I used to enjoy going to the gym but I suspect I might

      hurt myself these days, the treatment for my illness is not good for my bones.

      Yes it is rather a mess over there, I have my opinion about it like everyone else but I dont normally talk about it as it normally

      is the sort of...

    4. flasquish


      I try to keep the talk of the unrest to myself as well so I don't offend anyone, but I will never go to that part of the world, EVER. I'm so sorry to hear you have Crohns. I hope you have meds that work on your side of the world, I do understand the pain you go through. I have a coworker that had to quit her job because she couldn't keep it controlled and was always in pain. So many people suffer from Crohns and more treatments need to be created. Humira seems to be the most popul...

  8. It has been an extremely long week, I want it to be over with already!

  9. So take them off and look at your pretty feet. :)

  10. Stable like a Vulcan!!

    1. 20YearsandCounting


      :-) like your new avatar...such a range of emotions.

    2. flasquish


      It cracked me up when I found it, they all look the same!! Moohaaaahhh.

  11. Feeling pretty good lately.

  12. So glad I found the right combo to control my anxiety :)

  13. Sorry my advice has been lacking lately....I'll be more bubbly once my man is home.

  14. Finally have found relief from my anxiety.

  15. Sertraline and Buspirone combo, so far so good.

  16. Fun, fun! Sertraline tiredness has arrived...

  17. Out of words regarding my situation...

  18. Calmy reassesing my situation.

    1. 20YearsandCounting


      Just letting you know I'm here with you. Good luck tomorrow!

    2. flasquish
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