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  1. Good for you, nothing like a positive attitude. I'll see how it goes, it just doesn't seem like I have a reason right now and I know that's stupid cause there are reasons I know that and what they are. I guess in the end they're not enough, it's just not enough for me..
  2. Sleep is not my friend. I struggle and struggle to obtain it sometimes not even getting it at all. Then even when I do my dreams or my nightmares or whatever the hell they are they're so real.. I am literally (and mean the word for it's actual definition) expending energy in them doing whatever it is I'm doing or stressing about in the dream. I can't count the amount of times I've jolted back to consciousness. Then after that it's either back to sleep pretty quick but usually straight back to where I left off in the dream or no more sleep and I have to get up and then wouldn't you know it can't keep my eyes open for work. It just seems to be getting worse. Maybe I'm losing it.
  3. There's like 2 mins of chat before the song starts.. I believe we Brits call it 'banter' (and I've grown to hate that stoopid word..). I loved the original 10 years ago and I think he does it justice here. One of, if not, the most under rated song writers ever probably cause he/they are not very well known. His bands called InMe and he does solo stuff as well, this was an early InMe Bside.
  4. Sorry I didn't mean to hijack I just have a lot of questions. Raiden - the sad truth is that religion can be very unaccepting and if you want to be true to yourself you might have to leave it behind. What you're doing harms no one, love is love as long as its consensual. It's sad that people can't have faith in themselves and each other rather than in something that just isn't real. Wake up.
  5. Thanks but you're recovering I don't want to drag you back down..
  6. Well, yeah I can see the relation to epilepsy there no doubt, but I still don't see it referring to mental illness as such?
  7. Hey, sorry, but that doesn't really answer my question.. I want to know more about what it says about mental illness and demons, and why it says it?
  8. I have a few people in my family who've had different problems my uncle actually killed himself. To be honest I've considered it, but in my case at least I don't believe genetics had much to do with it. Can't rule it out as not being a factor though.
  9. No absolutely not she hasn't replied cause she doesn't give a flying fcuk about how you feel, sorry if that sounds cruel but welcome to life. If you message her again you're going to look desperate and that just gives her more ammo. She's scarred you and you'll carry that with you, maybe forever but you can't let it define who you are and rule your life. It's time to move on to bigger better things.
  10. I'll be your friend, might not be the wisest choice you'll ever make and your dogs probably smarter, but the offers there. ^_^
  11. I don't want to start a 'holy war' so to speak, I just have a few questions as I just want to understand a few things.. I want to know how you can all have so much faith in something that people can't agree on to such an extent there's wars etc? There's even different branches of the same religion that don't fully agree on everything. Why do some say God is all wrath and rage while others say he'll pretty much forgive anything? And why does he forgive? I mean ok, I don't want to be rude but some of the things people think they need forgiving for are just dumb and they shouldn't need to ask in the first place but why should say, someone who takes the life of an innocent, why should they be forgiven and let into heaven even if they are truly sorry? I can't believe in anything that could sit by and watch their 'children' suffer like this, even if it is their own doing but I hope I'm wrong and I'm hoping he's the vengeful type cause there are some things people should not be allowed to get away with.
  12. Hey sorry you're feeling so bad I suffer from social anxiety too it's not a nice thing to live with at all and it's very irritating when people who don't know what it's like chime in with whatever fart bubble of an opinion that's just gone off in their head. Are you taking any medication or anything like that? Growing up sucks, I'll be honest though I don't miss my childhood but I miss being young I guess, but you're still young trust me man 18 is nothing. What did you used to enjoy doing? Things might seem bleak now but coming here was a good idea there's some cool people around. Take care of yourself.
  13. Thank you for sharing some of your story with me, I hope one day to find the strength you have. Good luck in staying off it I'm sure you'll be just fine you're over the hardest part and you seem to have it well under control. n_n
  14. That's rough it's always so draining having days like that. I've had problems with people like that in the past but because they were terrible jobs in small offices with only a hand full of people and I was more confident back then I eventually quit having vented at someone/s first. Tell a lie I was actually fired from one ^_^;;; Still told them where to shove it.. I have quit 2 jobs though but the people at one were mostly amazing (apart from guess who) it was just a different time and it seems like a lifetime ago now. Definitely wouldn't go that far these days or I hope I wouldn't I'm definitely not as brave and I haven't worked with any type of bully for a long time now.. Anyway, back to you, there's nothing you can do but suck it up and keep looking forward. I don't really know how the job market works where you are so the above isn't advise just rambling! They can't grief you for too many bathroom breaks can they? If they do it would be one on one meeting though? Or maybe a few of them and you? If so just lie and say you have a 'condition' of some kind (bladder infection etc) they can't tell your co-workers about it either so they wouldn't know. Stay strong now's not the time to give in. ^_^
  15. So you realized that you had reasons to stop?
  16. That's awesome man I'm really happy for you, please stay strong and keep it up.
  17. I'm an atheist too sort of, I don't believe any of the BS man made religions, but there has to be something.. Or whats the point..? I'm a believer in the soul, and that when we die we don't cease to exist. If you say your feelings out loud to your father there's no reason not to believe that some how, he will hear them. More than that I'm sure he wants nothing more than for you to be ok and is with you wherever you go.
  18. Being drunk = being sloppy. Not worth the risk.
  19. What was it that finally made you stop?
  20. Hi ballinbob, I'm hoping that individualized has found the help he's looking for and that we'll hear from him again one day in the not to distant future. In the meantime, hows it going with you? Managed to stick with it? Either way hope it's going ok for you.
  21. Yeah had a bit of a meltdown lastnight. Won't happen again.
  22. **Sorry for spelling etc I'll proof read but no guarantee as it's 1am and I've had a lot** I've been miserable for as long as I can remember right back from being a little kid to present day dont get me wrong I was well aware before i fond this plac that there are billions + with far worse problems and tbh I'm tired of having empathy for them all after all there's fcuk all I can do for them and maybe i do have it better but that doesn't mean i'm happy im empty already dead just waiting to be put out of my misery The worst part is that i know the good feeling or at least i think i do but they never last long at all lose my grip as quickly as i cn grab hol. yeah boooo hoooo right all those that would switch well tough sh!t its all random and this is the straw that was drew for me this time round i don'tw ant to talk details i just want to know why the fcuk i haven't called it quits yet other than the fact i can't tink of a way in my reach to do it with out risk of ***in up cos i will and en up even worse off
  23. You need 20 posts before you can enter chat. It tells you how many posts you've made on your profile. Think of blogging as a sort of online journal where you can share your thoughts and people can read and share their thoughts on your piece with you. Or you could set it to private so only you can see it, I imagine there'll be a friends only option too should you add any friends. I'm not aware if this is locked until you make a certain amount of posts. Speaking of adding friends, if you want to do that you can do it via their profile, and you can keep track of your friends on your own profile. Hope this helps some.
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