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  1. It's an awesome song for sure, but it's meant as expression not instruction. None of the member of Metallica ever gave up, that's the inspiring part of it, you should use that for hope. :)
  2. Hey Autumn, that's a nice name. =D I'm glad you found this place, you don't have to be alone anymore.
  3. He's allowed to express how he feels, we shouldn't compare our own problems against anyone else's, ever. We are all dealt the hand we're dealt and we can't change that. This is a place to come and share not to compare, or have people attack you for doing so because they deem others to be 'worse off'.
  4. Please don't give up on looking for work, just keep at it and at it and at it right up until time runs out if that's what it comes too. I'm so sorry that immigrants get such a rough time considering what they've been through. They get such a bad time because of those that go to another country and commit crime and things like that, the few of the many that come over and actually work their ***** off for their families. And all the time the anti immigration/racists are spouting this sh!t the 'indigenous' people are committing their own crimes and atrocity's completely ignorant to the irony of it all.. I wish you all the luck in the world man I hope it works out for you, like I said please don't give up just yet anything can happen.
  5. Hey Tami welcome, you're right about this place you're safe here. n_n
  6. It sounds like she's in the wrong to me not you. From what you describe that's no way to treat someone, maybe she thinks cause you're family it doesn't matter but that's not true either. Has she always been that way with you? Are you older or younger than her?
  7. You've come to the right place for that man, no one here will dismiss anything you have to say. n_n It's good you've still got a passion and enjoy work depressions really good at steeling those things away from us..
  8. JMB0415 please let us know you're ok today, even if you don't want to talk just something?
  9. Why don't you try talking to a doctor or someone then if you don't want them to know? Or maybe, if you told them (maybe don't go into full blown details straight away) they would understand? They are probably already worried about you. It sounds to me like you really just need someone to talk too..
  10. How can you say you're no good? You survived a hell like an abusive, destructive father and not only did you not let it beat you, you didn't let it overcome you either in fact you did everything you could to not be the same person. That's beyond incredible. You broke the circle of abuse and that's a gift you've given that's worth more than anything. It's not time to give up yet you're obviously an amazingly strong person. Dig deeper.
  11. Then ask them. Ask your kids and wife if they want you dead and would feel like they'd be better off without you. If they say yeah then go for it. I'm guessing that's not what the response will be. Please, please, please think about what you're doing..
  12. Maybe it doesn't, maybe it does. All I know s that there's not enough light in the world by a vast amount and if your light goes out then that's just one more step towards total darkness..
  13. You're a good person that gives you worth straight away.
  14. You'll ruin them beyond repair if you k-ill yourself. Fact.
  15. I think Jim Carrey put it the most eloquently: "Dear Philip, a beautiful beautiful soul. For the most sensitive among us the noise can be too much. Bless your heart." - Jim Carrey onTwitter.
  16. I'd miss you. And no matter what there's absolutely no way your son would be 'better off' in any way, shape or form without you in his life you're his mother. You're purpose is to keep fighting even when you have nothing left you just can't give up now no way, miles to go yet friend.
  17. Has anyone noticed that today's popular/chart "music" isn't actually music at all? It's just really, really sh!t p0rn o_o
  18. A slightly less scary profile pic might help ^__^;; Seriously, sorry you're feeling so alone there's nothing worse. Connecting with people is hard and it takes time, maybe don't count people on here out so quick at least..? Also do you have any pets? They make amazing friends. =D
  19. In the UK they can't tell anything to anyone unless they think you are or have been a danger to yourself and/or others.
  20. I'm not even sure how to respond that, I can't conceive of a way to numb oneself to block out that kind of loss to begin with, I'm sorry you've had to go through that devastation. I can only empathize though I can't directly relate because I don't have any kids. Pain can't be all you have left, you must have memories from the joy she brought you? I just don't know where I go from here and I'm sorry if I've came across as rude at all or caused any offence that was very much not my intention, it's just I don't understand the connection you've made of the situations? Thank you for reading by the way, probably should have started with that !
  21. Go to youtube and search 'russell howard's good news it's not all doom and gloom'. Not everyone out there is heartless.
  22. It's a cold world for sure. Social media has played a large part.
  23. I've lost a lot of people too but I've come to realize they're not worth even thinking about, but it did take me a long time to get to that stage. It sucks to be alone but in the end that's all any of us are..
  24. Hey, when you say being here is pointless I think you're wrong though I'm not sure if you mean being on this site or being alive, or both. Whichever I still think you're wrong. Don't give up on everyone, I never thought I'd say that but there are people out there that won't abandon you when it gets rough. As for shallow people like that they usually end up butchering themselves in the name of vanity and just looking ridiculous. Their lives are usually pointless and hollow only they're too ignorant and self absorbed to see it.
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