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  1. I would say society at large fears violence, I know it wouldn't take much for most people in 'society' to turn on each other if it came down to it but that's just when pushed. Most just want to live in peace but those that don't know what that is seek to destroy it for them. Unfortunately unless there's some kind of reverse rapture I don't see that changing. Doesn't mean we should change because of it, if we can help it of course..

  2. Can really feel the rage coming off the screen. You're not wrong, but you're not alone either there's lots of people who feel persecuted for many reasons. Human nature's a twisted spectrum we're all fcuked up (if you're gonna swear so much at least cheat the system so I know what the sh!t you're on about =P) but there's always potential for good, it's just being snuffed out more and more daily..

    Hope you've managed to chill a bit man =/

  3. Hey sorry you're feeling crappy, I started on 50mg and I had to get my dr to sign me off work for a week =/ My side effects weren't as bad as yours sound though, I felt high for the most part, very restless definitely not drowsy! Definitely felt it kicking in like you describe and it didn't help with my depression or anxiety either.

    But after a week it leveled off some and the side effects were gone, it still takes a few more weeks to really start to kick in properly though but the sickness etc should go away.

    If they don't then definitely let your dr know they just might not be the right pill for you.

    Good luck you'll get through n_n

  4. A slightly less scary profile pic might help ^__^;;

    Seriously, sorry you're feeling so alone there's nothing worse. Connecting with people is hard and it takes time, maybe don't count people on here out so quick at least..?

    Also do you have any pets? They make amazing friends. =D

  5. I'm not even sure how to respond that, I can't conceive of a way to numb oneself to block out that kind of loss to begin with, I'm sorry you've had to go through that devastation. I can only empathize though I can't directly relate because I don't have any kids. Pain can't be all you have left, you must have memories from the joy she brought you? I just don't know where I go from here and I'm sorry if I've came across as rude at all or caused any offence that was very much not my intention, it's just I don't understand the connection you've made of the situations? Thank you for reading by the way, probably should have started with that !

  6. Hey, I think we might be on different wavelengths here. I'm not trying to shame you, honestly it's peoples own responsibility to feel that for themselves.

    You are free to express yourself and I don't want to stop anyone doing that I was just doing the same and letting you know how I felt.

    I feel your attitude towards autism seems uncalled for is all. You know there are lots of people out there who think depression is a made up illness too and I know how that makes me feel. I can't make you change how you feel like I said but I just feel it's a bit disrespectful to talk like that.

    I don't want to start an argument really, so I guess we should leave it there. I hope that you find the peace and happiness you're looking for, take care.

  7. Hey i know you're in a lot of pain and that's horrible it screams from the page and isn't an easy read.. But please, don't take any of it out on aspergers kids like this, they're just as broken as we are, more so maybe and he was only 10. I know you didn't say anything at the time but to write something like that, even if that's how you're feeling is pretty harsh it's not his fault. As for his mom controlling him it's easier said than done..

    I'm sorry if you feel like I'm attacking you I'm really not believe me I know how to lash out at that those who don't deserve it but here, we're supposed to support each other surely?

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