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  1. I envy those that are able to just get by & those that have someone. Can't do either.
  2. Don't think I'll understand people. Ever. Don't have a choice about existing it seems as its 'selfish' and all the rest to take myself out of it. Ah well one more scar for the road and as long as I'm alive I can say fcuk you world. FCUK YOU.
  3. Picked my sorry ass up one more time. Getting kinda old now.
  5. I'm starting the 2nd course tomorrow and I'm not holding my breath. If it's as sh!t as the last one I'm walking. 'Ain't no one nobody got time for that'
  6. Connie please stick around people won't always get back to straight away but they will. You don't have to through it alone anymore.
  7. Frankk1 you should do some research into EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) you can purchase the equipment you need from amazon. It really comes down to a digital recorder you'd be shocked at what people have captured. also something called a spirit box which uses white noise for real time communication. If what I've seen of this is to be believed then if you have spirits and you ask the right questions, you'll know about it. Then once you do you can start planning the next steps.
  8. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for your service, even if depression has robbed you of the feeling you are very brave and deserve nothing but respect. I'm sorry you're feeling so terrible but hopefully you can find some solace in this place.
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