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  1. Does anyone else have panic attacks/anxiety over financial problems (real or imaginary?) I handle my family's finances for my mom, and Im convinced she'll not love me anymore if anything bad happens. Help please I can't even breathe properly I feel so stupid
  2. they usually come once every 3-4 months and they may last days or weeks... 2 or 3 weeks usually..
  3. I sometimes wish I had external symptoms, like big red blotches on my face, so other people had a way to know how crappy I feel. What you described, shiznit, is a very accurate portrait of my life. It's so infuriating. I'm currently on: fluoxetine 60 mg alprazolam 50 mg quetiapine 100 mg
  4. I've been like this since I was 16, I'm now 27. The time I had it REALLY bad it lasted 2 years. I had good moments in those two years, but, honestly, I'd like to forget them. The last one went one for 4 weeks. But before that I had almost two years of good times. What I noticed is: the more therapy I do, more apart my bad times get. So, what works for me is: therapy and medication. Non-stop. Yoga has been helping me reconnect with my body. And teaching me how to live in the moment. I strongly recommend you watch these videos:
  5. Hi! Insomnia is hell. I've struggled with depression for over 10 years, but insomnia makes everything worse. I'm very sorry you're going through this. About the meds: it's hard to get them right, and the proper dosage. Have you tried therapy? lots of love
  6. escitlanopram has been working great for a few friends. I know how you feel, the frustration. I have great weeks, hell, even months. Then, one day, everyhting disappears. It almost makes me believe I never had that. I have some strategies: 1- Accepting that I might never know why I have these periods of fear, haunted living and lack of will to live. That I probably will feel like a guinea pig for the rest of my life, as docs try and try new meds. 2 - Accepting the good days and try not to think that they're numbered. Make the most of them. 3- I talk openly about my struggles. And when I'm having a good day I tell my friends and celebrate. Even if what I achieved was washing my hair. 4- I talk to other patients. Always helps me. 5- I make fun of this stupid *****ng horrible illness. if you ever need a pal, hit me via inbox :)
  7. it's not too late. I feel like I want to know you, past the depression. Money problems... We all have it. 44 is the new 22. You have the internet now. So do all this stuff. You're older now, so probably you won't make mistakes teenagers make. Try. We're here - at least I am - to talk you through it. I'm clueless and young and clumsy. But I'm here. Take your broken wings. And soar.
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