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  1. I don't want to be cynical. I'm only concerned solely with our nation's survival, but also with the individuals. I want avoid the suffering of people within our nation.
  2. To keep it relevant to depressionforums: this thread is directed more towards people who have a problem with the news. For supporters: you won your battle. Now, everyone who opposed Trump needs to heal their wounds. (This would have been the reverse case if Clinton had won too.) So guys, please don't make this a Trump vs Clinton debate. The battle is over, and the election results are in. This thread is meant to focus more on those who are trying to cope with it, such as myself. As much as I hate to say it, we should focus on avoiding Trump bashing in this thread, and focus on how those who weren't happy with the election results are going to heal/cope.
  3. Hi everyone, I'll make it no secret that I'm supporting Hillary Clinton in this coming election (Not because I like Hillary, but because I really don't like Trump). (And if anyone sides with Trump, though I most certainly question the logic due to his callous behavior, I'm not trying to offend anyone). Anyway: I'd have wanted to make calls for her campaign, but my ADD tendencies got in the way, with a mix of slight social anxiety. I feel like I wish I did more. And I'm not going to lie: I've been anxious these last couple of days- very anxious. One thing I'm sure we can all agree on: it's really a shame that this 2016 election has produced so much anger and anxiety in the American populous. I really can't wait for it all to be over. (With the hopes I expressed earlier)
  4. Therapy has taught me a number of things. A number of good things. Unbelievably valuable things. But there are things therapy has not taught me. I can't help but wonder if it has to do with the quality of the therapy itself. Afterall, I have a unique set of concerns. 1) How to Stop DISLIKING my Sex Drive: I really wish I didn't have a sex drive to fulfill. I don't want it. It's not fair. I feel like most therapists don't understand, because they like their sex drive. But not me. I've even thought to go as far as to castrate myself, so I don't have to deal with it. 2) How To Stop DISLIKING Society. There's been some progress here. I've learned to really start to see the good in society. The good in people. That's a huge thing. However, the core of society, the core of it all: I don't like it. And therapy hasn't taught me to like that. 3) How To Find My Career. Therapists are not career counselors. I even saw a career counselor, and he barely helped me. So it's unfortunate....
  5. I like working with kids, but teaching proves itself to be wayy too extroverted for me. I honestly can't say I'm too interested in many things, but if I have to choose. Probably art/writing, or something in nature.
  6. So...feeling down. I really want to do something that aligns with my introversion and free spiritedness. I don't really want to deal with other people, and I don't want to be confined by others. It's so unfair...that I seriously can't seem to find any vocation at the moment that will enable me to live on my own whims and desires. I don't want to submit to others- I just want to live on my own. Without dealing with anyone else's nonsense.
  7. But I think to a certain extent I do blame women. (not to say I want to)
  8. Hi all, I'm someone who has been rejected a lot by women in my life. Obviously, rejection hurts for anyone. So I've had the tendency to blame women, for not being open minded enough to date me, for being mean. I want to be loving, not hateful. How do you recommend being more forgiving?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm writing to ask, how can I successfully trust other people, just the right amount? Obviously, trusting too much is not good, and if you were to trust EVERYONE too much, you'd get robbed, or perhaps even worse. However, I tend to trust people WAY too little- to the point that I barely even trust my friends. To the point where I'm hesitant to share my artwork with friends in the fears of it getting plagiarized. To the extent that I have confided in others less and less. But by being so wary of others, you become alienated and perhaps even hateful. You often might not get anything done. It is this extreme that I want to deviate away from so I can be more balanced in the middle. So...any advice to becoming more trusting? (but not too much so, obviously)
  10. I empathize, because I often have felt the same way. If I could just have money, without working a menial job, I'd be INFINITELY happier. The fear of working a menial job is a lot of what's depressing for me. I think you have to analyze what aspects of work don't you like. What would you think you can do, and why? What are aspects you would want in the job of your dreams? I wish the both of us a lot of luck- in getting paid for what we love to do. (Or at least, what we can be somewhat satisfied doing) EDIT: For the record, though I wish I was in a position to donate to anything, the video you made is really cool!
  11. I came from an overall kind family. Loving, supportive, etc. (Despite clashing heads ideologically from time to time) They paid for my college education. They help pay for my therapy. They let me live in their house, up to my mid 20s, without worrying about rent. And yet: STILL: I've faced hardship in my life that I would have considered hellish. I faced enormous fear. Enormous sadness. And even now, I can't say in the moment that my life is a happy one, though I am working on that to the best of my ability. The point being is that, if me, someone who is overall physically healthy, from the first world, and has been economically supported can STILL have faced life having felt like torture: I don't think that life should exist if pain is a possible factor. The flipside, pleasure, is not worth anyone having enormous pain. And the fact that pleasure is only an aspect of life for some people is incredibly unfair. How hellish would my life be if I was from the third world, if I was mentally repressed, stripped of all opportunity? I'd hate to even imagine that! That's why I would prefer it if life ceased to exist. Now, I suppose if we could be granted entrance to Eden, a place of zero suffering, then I would take that over the cessation of all life. But the fact that one soul out there has had to suffer...makes the existence of life on this planet unfortunate, at least in my opinion. Of course, I alone do not have the power to change that. I alone, can only focus on myself: what's best for me. How can I make my life as pleasurable as possible?
  12. I feel the need to move out of my parent's house. It is increasingly obvious to me that I need to move elsewhere from this uninspiring environment, out of my parents' bickering in the house. But...what if I mess up? What if I fail to cook, pay bills, and do it all successfully? Let alone figuring out what type of job I would be able to work. Please let me know thoughts, everyone.
  13. Hi all, My father's got some mental issues at the moment regarding awareness, cognition, etc. It's tricky for me to know if it's wise for me to watch him a few days a week or not. I'm dealing with a bunch of problems of my own at the moment, including career dilemma/seasonal affective disorder, sleep apnea and other issues. It's hard to know whether I am capable to do this successfully or if it's not wise for me to take this on.... It's so hard to freaking say :/ UGH. I hate being put in this kind of position.
  14. I don't want to go to a tanning salon. But yeah, I've heard mixed things about the spectrum lighting...
  15. I'm already feeling a bit blue...stuck in my house in the cold, living in an uninspired environment. Would want to stay to be around family for winter, but maybe leaving is my best bet. Thoughts?
  16. Hi guys, I never thought I'd say this, but I really miss being a kid. The days where I could rely more on my family and never experienced real fear/worry because I was ignorant to much of the greater world- everything seemed innocent. The days where I had very little responsibility. I had initially thought that when I became an adult that I would have preferred the free decision making and the sex drive that accompanied. But that has only brought pain- needless responsibility. Of course, I grant that I hope things will get better for me. But it's still difficult for me not to wish I was a kid again. Where I can watch TV/play games/have fun with little care in the world. Granted, I was fortunate to have a happy childhood- a loving upbringing thanks to a kind family. Of course, there are kids in this world that were unfortunately unable to experience that same joy as me. It's just saddened me that my childhood is over- and I don't feel like adulthood can be as good (I very much hope I am wrong though) I often have thought the best years of my life are behind me (again, a fact I sincerely hope I am wrong about). I haven't felt like there have been any benefits to becoming an adult....of course it was an inevitability. Would love to hear about coping methods, and whatnot, and how I can perhaps feel better about it all.
  17. Well, good luck to you buddy! I sincerely wish you the best with everything.
  18. I've stopped smoking, and I haven't done any drugs whatsoever since mid 2015. I haven't even drunk alcohol. However...I miss it all so much. On some level, alongside sex, it all made me feel 'alive', the thrill of rebellion. But I've stopped because of any potential side effects... But I feel like I am no longer able to get that wonderful sheer sensation that rebellion gave me.
  19. I'm really trying to find faith in others. Especially during this crazy time with all the stupid political talk. It's not easy to experience.
  20. Enjoy the fall for now, the autumn is not a problem, enjoy the festivities. Try to get as much sunlight as possible, try to spend less time indoors. For winter....yeah, that's the greater challenge, working on that one myself. By the way, it's Seasonal "A"ffective Disorder. S.A.D. :).
  21. Well, then I'll stop watching TV, limit my social media time, and I don't really interact with the world all that much anyway, so I guess it's okay. Any other suggestions? :)
  22. Well, that's what I want, yeah, 1 per day. The question is if 5-7 per week is too much, or if I should stick to 3-4. Best, Matt
  23. Bumping this, because it's important and I still need feedback/advice!
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