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  1. I dated a girl 6 months ago who had confided in me she had genital herpes. I was on the fence regarding whether I wanted to take the sexual health risk (even if it were to be minimal with the proper protections) After a lot of back and forth deliberation at the time I decided not to. She decided to stop seeing me, likely for this reason. 6 months later I’m still not over her, nor am I over my past decisions. I feel like I loved her though she seems to have long since moved on. Her birthday just passed and I feel like crying about it. I’d love to change her mind to give me another chance but I attempted to already and that’s likely not going possible. Tips to move on and not feel depressed over her or that missed “opportunity”?
  2. As fatigue is the main/only symptom, which could be better to treat that?
  3. I remember I read a blog that listed out jobs for introverts. I'll be honest, even here I've had trouble. The creative ones interest me but are also the hardest to break into. Mowing grass is probably the closest thing you guys mentioned so far that I could tolerate that doesn't require more schooling. Kabuto is actually from both Pokemon, and Naruto, but it's also a type of armor apparently! Actuary , Archivist, Artist, Astronomer, Auditor Biochemist, Blogger, Boat/ferry operator, Bus Driver Cleaner Data Entry Officer Editor Factory worker, Farmhand, Freelance writer Gardener, Geological Engineer, Geneticist, ,Greenhouse tender Landscaper, Librarian/Library Assistant Mail Poster (Postie/Mailman), Mathmetician, Medical Laboratory Technician, Mortician, Musician Pilot Records manager/officer Software Developer, Statistician Truck driver Web Programmer, Writer Zoologist"
  4. Hi all, I hope everyone is well. Some of you may remember that I've posted numerous threads struggling to maintain a job over the years. Well, in addition to the sleep issues I've had, I may have discovered another reason: after a neuropsychological exam, it was discovered I was on the spectrum. This explains why I've had difficulty performing on the job, especially social ones. My ideal was to start my own creative business working from home, but I never managed to pull it off yet. Working from home still sounds like a good idea, or something where I don't have a lot of human interaction or stressors for people on the spectrum. Does anyone have some thoughts or ideas? Thanks!
  5. You raise a fair point. I am grateful these services exist. However, even so, it can be difficult not to be incredibly frustrated with myself that I didn't find out just a few days earlier... (Why do I blame myself?)
  6. Hi all, I'm an artist and as such, I rely on services to make money. One such service is "Patreon". Basically, they're a highly useful creator platform. However, they've recently raised their creator fee from 5% to 8%, for everyone who registers AFTER May 7th. People who registered before get to keep the 5% rate. So long story short, I missed the deadline. And this is highly depressing because that money adds up, as someone who had been struggling financially. Freaking depressing that I didn't find out about this before, and aggravating that they would make such a change. Crap like this is depressing as heck.
  7. Has anyone experienced side effects on anti depressant drugs? Some effects, like dry mouth or mild nausea may not be as big of a deal, but effects like vision problems or ear ringing are. How do you avoid these effects with not just Welbutrin, but any antidepressant drug??
  8. That doesn't seem to work for me...
  9. Perhaps you have a sleep disorder? Worth checking your sleep patterns. Or other things besides depression that sap energy (thyroid issues, low vitamins etc.)
  10. Hi all. So, I hardly have time to socialize. After working, all I can really do is sleep....I hardly have time or energy to socialize....not that I have a huge amount of friends anyway, but more importantly I dont have the energy for them. Unfortunately, loneliness results. How can I manage with this?
  11. What is the connection with depression and physical fatigue? (Tiredness, sleepiness, muscle aches etc.) Has anyone had depression without mood symptoms, just physical fatigue?
  12. I want to reduce my sex drive...any suggestions? Would make me less depressed.
  13. Yep, my friends have all pretty much ditched me. And the ones that remain are so negative, they're oftenttimes toxic to be around. I feel like I've acted like a fool because I've kept contacting a former friend- one who's moved on from me for years and it's clear he doesn't want to speak to me. So why do I foolishly contact him? Yeah, having no friends...kinda sucks. Believe me, I'm grateful for family, and yeah.
  14. I've been feeling that way, up to this point- pretty much on a daily basis. Envying those around me who've succeeded in their lives while I haven't. Yes, I know I still have time. Yes, I know I'm still young. (27). But when I see people as young as 18 who have succeeded financially, professionally- it's driven me mad. Especially when I feel like I've had many opportunities that I've squandered due to foolishness or lack of insight.... How can I cope? How can I succeed in the future?
  15. Hi all, I've been depressed from experiencing dry eye. I'm trying to look into which treatment is best, but the options are pretty vague. I know there's BlephEx, Lipiflow, IPL, eyedrops (Restasis/Xiidra) and medication (doxycycline, etc.) Wish I had an idea of which treatment will work best for me. My doctor recommended Lipiflow, but I'm not sure whether she's 100% on the ball. Tried to see another doctor for a second opinion, who didn't help. Any ideas? (Already trying to go on dry eye forums)
  16. Hi all, I'm trying to get help making big life choices.... For example, I've had Dry Eye for quite a few years. I hear there's a treatment called Lipiflow which I'm highly considering. My doctor recommends it. However, a myriad of thoughts run through my head. How do I know it's risk-free? How do I know it's the best option? I ask on forums I only get so far. I'm nervous- I don't want to tamper with my eyes. But i do as long as it will help and not be an issue. I've tried many things - though there are certain medications and drops I haven't tried yet. Though I'm tired of all the trial and error...
  17. Topic. Would Welbutrin be as effective as something like Adderall?
  18. Hi guys, I was at work (am able to teach classes supppeerrr part time)- and I made a silly joke to my students. I meant it in a good natured, tongue in cheek kind of way.... I basically got wrapped up in the moment and made a quick joke about how many teenage girls can be quite moody. I instantly tried retracting my statement and said it was a bad joke, realizing the stupidity that came out of my mouth, not wanting to be misinterpreted as sexist. I just want to be more careful with my words. I'm sure I'll get away with that slip, and I don't think anyone in the class took it 'too' personally, but I really want to be more careful what I say, especially around kids...
  19. Had felt very annoyed with a former best friend of mine. He neglected me in a time of need- instead choosing to ignore me in favor of other aspects of his life. I was struggling, and he turned his back on me. I really can't forgive him for that. It sucks though, because it was a nice friendship at the time while it lasted. It had hurt to reach out for help and receive nothing. He's what I like to call a 'fair weather friend'. More annoying yet is that my brother remains friends with this guy. It's annoying and lame that my brother chooses to do so, but...what are you gonna do. I guess I'm trying to figure out how to fully move on and feel nothing towards him. While at the same time, making my own situation better.
  20. I had experienced some difficult life changes in the last few years..... My father got sick with dementia. My brother married a woman I don't particularly like. I've had some physical exhaustion I've been trying to work through, and improve Needless to say....it's been tough. How can I process all this? When I think back at the way my life used to be...I have felt sad that I'm not living those days right now. P.S.: Sorry for all the topics lately! I feel like I've been choosing to slow down on my constant therapy lately, but apparently I've still had plenty to vent!
  21. I always wonder about the value of my time utilization. I've spent so much time questioning....cycling through my life options... Because the truth is, I've wanted to maximize my life options- maximize my best self. Create the best life I possibly can for myself, so I can have a good life- the way I want it to be. And help other people too, so the world can be a happy place. And yet, I've got no crystal ball. So I can only make educated guesses. Assumptions. I've spent much time pursuing my art....pursuing my craft. Was that the best possible use of my time? Impossible to say. Could I have written the next great American novel in the time I've opted for art instead? Impossible to say.... I feel like I have so many gifts- so much potential, that when I've failed to reach it.... I have felt immense torment as a result.. And I've felt hypercritical of myself. The time will hopefully come soon where I begin to profit a lot more off my work and this'll all feel worthwhile. And maybe then, the time I've spent won't feel like a waste. I can't get the past time back. What's done is done. I guess the biggest question I consistently ask: Am I using my time well NOW? How can I know that??
  22. How do I date as a young person when I don't enjoy: Going to shows Going to concerts Going to museums Going to bars Going to parties I simply like staying in, lying down, talking, drawing, reading, playing video games, doing nothing.
  23. Well...it'a not a severe betrayal or anything. But I do feel a sense of 'betrayal'- whether that's the appropriate word to use or not, that's the word that comes to mind- or at the very least, the word 'neglect' does. There's a reason the feeling conjures up that word, even if it is arguably an exaggeration. (And I do my best not to exaggerate my words/language) But either way, whether you want to use the word 'disappointment', 'neglect' or 'betrayal'- I'm trying to think of ways to trust others again.... And whether I'm better off trusting people in order to forge relationships again. 1. In my brother's case, one can argue he didn't do anything wrong. But he did neglect me for this woman (Who I pretty much don't like), during a personal time of need. Someone now part of my family. 2. Those two former best friends really did sorta betray me, or perhaps 'neglect' is a better word. Why did those friendships suddenly go to the wayside? It's so hard to explain...but those felt like losses at the time due to the closeness and bonds of those friendships... 3. Women relationships have been complicated- too complicated to get into here. Some haven't been betrayals- some have... Lots of rejection and heartbreak. Long story short, I have difficulty trusting them sometimes. 4. Society in general. This is something everyone faces. It is subjective. We can either find the good in people, or the bad. People are multifaceted. Though I often have felt like a fish out of water in this world sometimes.... due to being deviant of the norm. And again- I harbor no resentment towards anyone- and want everyone to be happy. It's more an issue when it comes to my personal trust of others.
  24. Hi Tim 52! Yes, I have felt betrayed before. Whether that means I've actually was betrayed is another story but- I'll do my best to explain. A. I felt betrayed by my brother for prioritizing his new wife and family. Over the years we grew up so close, and then suddenly, this new girl took priority. We had so many goals together- both from an emotional and career standpoint...and I was going through a tough time when he moved out with his wife. I really felt betrayed/neglected by him, even though he "technically" didn't do anything unethical. We still talk and get along, but I have missed the old days of our relationship. B. I felt betrayed by two of my former best friends. With the first one, we sort of just grew apart. I think I was acting more cynical and frustrated with the world, and he didn't enjoy my new persona in comparison to the way I was before those struggles. I can understand why he might distance himself a bit if I turned out to be a 'emotionally draining friend for him to have'- but I still felt betrayed that he didn't try to help more after being friends for years. The second best friend I lashed out against once years ago, and he never wanted to be friends with me since. He held onto his emotions despite my consistent attempts to apologize. His mutual friends I used to chill with also haven't hung out with me either, despite my not even having argued with them. At this point, it seems like it may be best to accept these particular friendships aren't working out, and that I would benefit from moving on. Though at the moment I haven't made too many new friends my age to replace them. C. Most of my romantic relationships so far hadn't worked out. For one reason or another. A lot of feeling betrayed by women, but I try to not consider it a gender issue, as many women have been betrayed by men too. D. I suppose I have felt a 'general sense' of betrayal. By society, for not having been more kind, not having been more accommodating, not having been more understanding. Humanity's flaws in general. Fortunately, I do have friends and family that is trustworthy. But I've still struggled with this issue for the reasons above. Thanks so much for your insightful words! Not sure what to respond, but I'm very appreciative you took the time to write all that! Hahaha, aw shucks. You're so kind Epictetus. I really mean that. Always kindly responding to my posts on this forum. You're an amazing person! I like to think I've helped others on this forum, even though I feel like I've mostly been complaining and venting on here to be honest hahaha. Best of luck! I think we just have to try to see the good in others as best as we can. As far as doctors- I recommend seeing doctors, but you have the freedom to deny any treatment plan they come up with if it doesn't align to what you feel. Most doctors are trying to do their job and most do genuinely try to help- some know more than others and some are more genuine and hard working than others.
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