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  1. When will the withdrawal effects subside? I missed a dosage for 5 days and I've gotten the most horrendous side effects, electric shocks, dizzy, nausea, feel like im spinning sometimes, feel like utter crap. When will these effects subside?
  2. Alcohol intensifies whatever emotion you're experiencing in my experience, so I understand why depressed folks are advised to steer clear. I've recently had two horrendous experiences with Zoloft and alcohol so I'm staying the hell away from it for as long as possible, scrambled my emotions.
  3. I had a bad interaction with Zoloft and alcohol almost a week ago and I still feel tense, anxious and depressed. I feel like I'm going through the initial side effects of this med all over again. I don't know what to do.
  4. If anything attractiveness is overrated, I see average not so attractive guys that are less attractive than me get with women all the time. Confidence is more important unless you are really unattractive.
  5. Just out of interest, and kind of for motivation, does anyone know if a long course of therapy and medications has any long term benefits? I vaguely remember reading something indicating that meds reduce the risk of future episodes? Is there any info on this?
  6. I'm just coming out of this intense depression now two days from when it started. I've been doing well on Zoloft and drinking was a stupid idea as I had a bad reaction to it previously. I'm gonna have to teetotal with alcohol on this med, the depression intensity I get is insane, makes my mind go crazy.
  7. I had a bad reaction to alcohol on the med I'm on (Zoloft) felt like utter crap the whole night out. It was exemplified by seeing all the happy couples making out, it hurts me so bad how crippled I am by social anxiety. Nightclubs make me so depressed, when I got back I cut myself. The pain of lonliness is too much for me.
  8. I had the most horrendous experience tonight on a night out with alcohol combined with this med. Felt absolutely terrible. The worst depression I've felt in a long time. I'm not touching alcohol anymore.
  9. I went out and my social anxiety was brilliantly low, felt so good to talk and socialise without feeling overly nervous and self conscious around people. When I was drinking I felt so lethargic, literally felt like falling asleep, but I soon felt a bit better. A few hours later I had some hard liquor and then a while later I felt strangly angry, extremely angry and negative. I think I'm going have to keep it to no more than 2 drinks on this med.
  10. I wish I could just get them delivered LOL. It's so embarrasing collecting them from the pharmacy.
  11. It took a week or two for the "wired" (insomnia) feeling to go away for me. I just couldn't sleep, and the only sleep I did get was just as you described -- short restless blocks. Starting this zoloft is always rough. Well I'm almost 4 weeks in and still have that ''wired'' feeling so I guess my body is still adjusting to the medication.
  12. 4 weeks in and Im calmer in social situations. My main issue is social anxiety with moderate depression. This med is a lot more calming than Prozac which was too stimulating in my opinion. Prozac was never good for me, but I like this med. I'm going to work on tackling my issues (social anxiety, lack of friends/girlfriends due to social anxiety, poor social skills etc) whilst on the med. I see it as an important step, making the most out of the alleviation that the medication brings to tackle the issues that your illness has caused.
  13. I've had this most of my life around people I am unfamiliar with.
  14. I've kind of got a ''Don't give a F'' feeling on this med and I like it lol.
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