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  1. Woah. Is that level of cleaning really expected? Really? I don't think I've ever moved a fridge just to clean behind it...
    I suffer from a bit of ocd and... need things to be clean, yet you just made me feel insanely lazy.
    Kudos to you if you manage to do all that.

    And not for nothing, but I hate the smell of bleach. I hate it. I'd almost rather just deal with the smell of a garbage can than with the smell of bleach... And I have a tin garbage can that retains smell just as badly. You'd think they could make garbage cans that, you know, don't do that. Instead they just sell scented garbage bags... which is kind of like mixing cheap candles with something rank... adds a level of questionable "perfume," but doesn't quite get rid of the odor.

    I have a Christmas tree in here (a live evergreen tree), but I haven't had the money to buy a vacuum cleaner so I end up having to pick the needles out of the carpet by hand. Yes, I know I have strange priorities.

    But good luck with all of that! x_x

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