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  1. Hi candy... I think I can relate.. Not so much in school but as an adult while I work in a fairly male work environment it was tough.. Bullied on a daily basis. Really had to be tough on outside but really affected me inside behind closed doors cried and reasoned why It was my fault but there is the problem. It wasn't my fault ... We all have our issues and flaws.. Their words of hate were nothing to do with me but stemming from their own issues I was just the easy target.. And although their words hurt terribly I repeated to myself there was more people with kindness in this world than them. Until one day I was able to say those words and feel the strength from knowing I was stronger than the words that were wielded to hurt me... Stay safe and brave.. Lucy.:))
  2. So "hi" ... Totally new to this so please excuse any mistakes I make... Suppose I should start with my name.. I'm Lucy. Suffering from depression for best part of 8 years.. It's been a struggle to say the least. No family to speak but a few terrible kind friends who have put up with me.. Being doing somewhat good and I use that very loosely ...getting some exercise which works great.. But then a friend invited me to a wedding which would be nice but sent my anxiety through the roof. Said yes but really really hated the idea of being anywhere near it.. Not because of the event per say but a culmination of things it being away from home, not knowing anyone etc. day came literally couldn't bring myself to go ... Rang and cancelled but felt absolutely gutted.. I know not the nicest thing to do on the day. But just couldn't bring myself to go .. So in turn now have spent 3 days in bed hating myself for being crappy and not going . Thought by now I would get over this kind of anxiety attack and have a life but alas no and terrified it will never change... Or I can't change myself.. Struggling Lucy.:(((
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