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  1. Hi all, I'm new here, and I'm not too good at forums so if I've done this wrong or this question has already been answer please point me in the right direction! So.. I've had generalised anxiety disorder for as long as I remember and right now I'm on Cymbalta, Propanolol and Valium when needed. My anxiety is finally under control and manageable (yay!). But I've recently been diagnosed with bipolar type two which has answered a lot of mysteries for me. The thing is, since I've been on Cymbalta my mood has been changing daily. It's so rapid I can barely keep up. Just a week ago I was so depressed but these past three days I've been out of control. Laughing at nothing, not sleeping, barely eating and jumping around non stop. I feel like there's little crazy monsters in my head jumping around begging me to let them out. I'm so exhausted of it that I feel like I'm losing a grip. I can't understand what people say to me unless they talk slowly and I keep having these bouts of suicidal ideation which is terrifying. My question now is, what do I do? If I stay at home in afraid I'll lose it or try and hurt myself. If I goto hospital I'm afraid they'll make me take meds I don't want to take and I'll end up worse. I've tried Zyprexa to control my bipolar but I ended up in hospital because I had electric shock feeling and felt like I'd had a medical lobotomy (no idea how they feel but it's how I'd imagine it). Do I goto hospital or do I just goto an after hours doctor tonight and see what they say? I feel like it's getting more intense. Eeeeek. Thanks!
  2. I think I'll start cracking down on my schedule! Oh, sorry to hear you didn't have a great morning anxiety wise :verysad3: Hope the rest of your day was super! I'm on the beta blocker to slow my heart rate down, it's a bit speedy most of the time unless I'm doing meditation or my mind stays quiet for a little while.. rare! Sure you know what I mean! Thanks for all of your help! I'm in Australia but I'll check out Walgreens and see how I go. Thanks! Best of luck :)
  3. Thanks! I went down and had a chat with one of the pharmacists today. They weren't much help, but she did tell me she wasn't sure why I was told to take a dose in the morning and one at noon. She told me to just take two in the morning.. I think I'll just go back to my doctor and see what they say! Do you take your meds at exactly the same time every day? Sounds like we're on a pretty similar med combo! How's it all going for you? :)
  4. First off - I'm new here, so.. Hi everyone! Quick intro: I've had GAD for as long as I remember - I was on an SSRI when I was about 16 for a little while but didn't stick to it. Just recently I got back on the old 'med-go-round', decided to give therapy my all and do everything 'by the book. So far, it's been a bit of a struggle. Started off with Lexapro and I stuck with that for about six weeks. It made me extremely tired, gave me impulsive suicidal thoughts (which I don't normally have) when starting out, and the general start up side effects made me feel like I was going mad. Next up was Zoloft - same of start ups which sent me around the bend but after the initial four weeks or so they died down. The only SE left behind was lack of sex drive. I found Zoloft did it's job some days.. But it wasn't consistent. Next up was Prozac and so far so good. I had no start up SE at all - NONE! And from week three to four I noticed a big difference anxiety wise. So far it's been six weeks on Prozac, from week four onwards I've felt like I'm back at square one and it wasn't working anymore. Now to my question.. My doctor told me to up my dosage from 20mg to 40mg, and to take one in the morning and one at noon every day. I haven't started this yet, partially because I always take a few days to get the courage to change meds, add a med or up the dose of one. But mostly because I'm confused about the timing (morning and noon). Sometimes I work weird hours so I might sleep in until 10.30am or even until 12pm when I meant to take my second pill. First up - why do they make you take one in the morning and one at 12pm? Also, usually I take my first (morning) pill each morning between 6am and 8am. On those days I guess it'd be fine to take the 12pm pill at 12pm, but what about the days that I sleep in? These days are usually just on the weekend or my days off but because of the weird hours I work it could even be for a whole week. When should I take them? 20mg Prozac, 40mg Propanolol twice a day, 5mg Valium - PRN. 'Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.'
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